•             Communication Technology (Graphic Arts) classes have four levels. Comm. Tech. I, for beginners provide students with basic knowledge, skills and attitudes related to the program. The content includes Basic History, Offset Printing, B&W and Digital Photography, Screen Printing, IMovie, Computer Generated Engraving,  Computer Generated Vinyl signs, Large Format Digital Printing and Desktop Publishing CS6.

                Communication Technology II, III and Academy provide advances knowledge, skills and attitudes related to the program. Students will expand their abilities in Offset Printing, Screen Printing, Computer Generated Engraving, IMovie, Black & White and Digital Photography, Large Format Digital Printing, Computers (Scanning, Color Laser, Ink Jet and Sublimation printing), Computer assisted Vinyl Cutting and Digital Presentation. The Block class works as a business and learns entrepreneurship skills. We enter many contests during the school year. The events that we enter are Tampa State Competition, FAFO, PAF awards, SGIA Awards and Mall Art Show.


    Grading Criteria:

    Students in the beginning class are graded 20% on writing articles, 30% on classwork and 50% on test and projects done in the class.

    Block class students are graded 15 % on test and projects, 20% on reading articles 15% class work and 50% on their DIGITAL PORTFOLIO (notebook).


    Additional Information:

    Comm. Tech. II, III and the Academy classes are required to keep a Digital Portfolio. A minimum of TWO competencies and TWO digital assignments will be graded every 4 ½ weeks for a 70% C. These competencies are fulfilled through the student’s hands-on projects. The competencies include IMovie, Screen Printing, Offset Printing, Engraving, Digital and  Black & White Photography, Vinyl Cutting, Community service, Resume and Thank You letter, Color Chart, Create Animation (Flash), Design Magazine cover, Large Format Digital Printing, Bamboo Sketch pad project, Digital Assignments and doing Two presentations on the Smart Board. The Software we use is CC. The student’s senior year a digital portfolio of the student’s best work using Power Point or I Movie and a speech is required for Capstone and Gold Seal.


    Materials Needed

    Level I: $10.00 Lab Fee used for basic materials used by the student in class for each printing area. 3 ring folder with pockets, safety pledge signed by parent, Black fine line marker and 2GB or bigger Flash drive.

    Level II-IV:   Safety pledge signed by parent and TWO - 2 GB or bigger Flash drives (One for Portfolio and One to save work on). Student also needs Black fine line marker.