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    Welcome to IB Biology. There are two different IB Bio courses - SL and HL. I will be teaching two different HL courses - IB Bio HL Juniors (year 1) and IB Bio HL Seniors (year 2). This website will not be used for these courses because all the IB students use Managebac (yes, it is spelled correctly) for the IB communications but you will find the class syllabus, laboratory safety information and signature page attached below.

     Class syllabus contains a large amount of information about the course, policies and procedures, rules and requirements and much more. Download and read through this very carefully.


    Laboratory Safety is extremely important so the rules are in place to maintain the safety of all in the room. This handout and another handout are provided to you in class but this is for those who may wish to have another copy. All students receive this handout.

     Signature page of Acknowledgement is a document that both the parent/guardian and student need to complete, sign and return to be placed in your class file. You were given this handout the first day of school but you are welcome to print another copy if you would like. As with any document, do not sign it until you are clear on all the requirements so if you have questions or concerns, just let me know.




    We will be using many resources in class and one book you will check out. There is no digital version of this book so you must check one out of the bookroom.

    When you go to get your books, make sure to get this book.

      IB Bio Textbook   


    This site will only be used for assignment posting and information until Managebac is set and you have gone through the training on how to use Managebac. From that point on, the assignment information, due dates, deadlines, Test information and much more can all be found on Managebac so please refer to that site.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.