Mr. Mark Johnson

Phone: 352-671-4820


Degrees and Certifications:

Melbourne High School AA - Brevard Community College BS chemistry and physics - Univ. of Houston MS science education - Florida State Univ.

Mr. Mark Johnson


This is my 26th year at LWH.

Courses have taught: chemistry, honors chemistry, IB chemistry, honors physics, AP physics, astronomy, earth/space science, honors earth/space science, marine science, integrated science, principles of technology I, principles of technology II, biology, health.

Other professional experience: 4 years as a engineering design draftsman in Houston. I worked three summers at the High Magnetic Field Laboratory at The Florida State University: 1) Studying properties of super conductors, 2) Developing experiments for HS physics teachers on superconductivity, 3) Doing NMR (MRI) of songbird brains to see long term effects of nicotine and ecstasy. I worked one summer at the University of Florida in the physics department setting up a laboratory for senior UF physics students on understanding nuclear magnetic resonance (the technology behind MRI).

Married to a kindergarten teacher at Emerald Shores Elem.

Children: Molly (a Shetland Sheepdog), Sadie (a West Highland Terrier), Cale (Birman cat), and Petra (a Birman cat)

Heritage: Norwegian and Swedish mostly; a little Danish, French, and German.

Music: contemporary jazz, classic rock

Hobbies: season tickets to FSU football games for 25 years, woodworking, space stamp and commemorative envelop collecting, boating, Koi pond.

Favorite Sport: college football.

Favorite saying: It is what you make of it; noting more and nothing less.

Love: nature, animals, integrity, good sense of humor.

Hate: summer heat, texting, rude drivers, disrespect.