Welcome to English 1!

  • Hello Students and Parents: 

    There will be daily activities posted on my webpage for students to complete at home  You can access these by going to the English 1 Documents tab. I will post by date. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me. The following are my google classroom codes. These are by class, so make sure you enter the appropriate code to be placed in the correct class:

    1: drvm6my

    2: oax6wq7

    3: ycf2mdt

    4: 5lyknp5

    5: o3qnndq

    6: dj37meo


    These are due at the end of each week. Students will find a poem, quote or lyric of their choosing and email or send through the remind app at the end of each week. 



    Students who go to a school sanctioned event can recieve extra credit by showing Mrs. Menadier a photo of themselves at the event.