Mrs. Gagnier

  • We are going to try a new program that will hopefully be more user friendly.

    Period 6
    Mrs.Gagnier has invited you to join UNQ5PU at Knowre:
    class codeUNQ5PU

    Period 4
    Mrs.Gagnier has invited you to join VWGRVK at Knowre:
    class codeVWGRVK

    Period 2
    Mrs.Gagnier has invited you to join 8RU3U5 at Knowre:
    class code8RU3U5

    Period 1
    Mrs.Gagnier has invited you to join UM8UZ3 at Knowre:
    class codeUM8UZ3

    Directions to get on:

    Go to
    In the box at the bottom right, click on "sign up"
    Now enter your class code. They are dependent on your class period so please make sure your are using the right code.
    Then under username- use your SCHOOL EMAIL and create a password.
    Please do this asap. I will start adding assignments on Monday or early Tuesday and if you have not signed in- they will not show up for you!!!!!!PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE CHECKING GOOGLE CLASSROOM. YOU WERE ALL SENT YOUR CLASS CODE IN YOUR SCHOOL EMAILS. THIS IS WHERE ALL YOUR ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE GIVEN.


     Some of you have still not signed into kahn academy.  You need to do this ASAP! That class code has been sent out multiple times.  If you are having a hard time- email me and I will send you directions again!



    Directions for Khan academy 

    GO to

    enter your class code(found on google classroom)

    If you don't already have an account- "create a new account" Enter your date of birth, then sign in using YOUR SCHOOL EMAIL.

    Enter your grade and subject.

    I then have to assign your assignments so give it a few hours for them to show up.  I check Khan academy several times a day to see if someone needs to be added!


    Office Hours:   9-10 AM , 1-2 PM


          This is when I will be checking emails for any questions.   If it is a question that can't be answered in an email, please leave a phone number where I can reach you and I will call you back.

    Be patient- you all know how great I am with technology.  We will get through this together!


Mrs. Gagnier



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Mrs. Gagnier