Lake Weir High School H.O.P.E. Syllabus

    Instructor: Coach Chambless
    Subject Area: Physical Education
    Course Title: Health Opportunities through Physical Education
    Credit: 1.0

    Major Concepts: HOPE is a year long class. Passing H.O.P.E. is a graduation requirement. Students will have classroom and physical activity days. HOPE will provide topics related to health and wellness and will assist students develop and enhance healthy behaviors that influence lifestyle choices in the students health and fitness.
    Supplies: Student needs to have a folder, paper, writing utensil, lock, and class uniform to promote activity and give effort to pass the class. Uniforms are purple or black shorts, white or gold/yellow T-shirt, (dress code appropriate) and tennis shoes.
    Illness/Injury: The student must bring a note with the phone number where a parent or doctor can be reached.
    Discipline: 2 verbal warnings will be given for the student to change the behavior/ non-dresses, tardiness, class disruptions, etc. A third infraction will be parental notification.  A fourth infraction will lead to a referral.
    Injury: Report all injuries to the coach.
    Make-up work: 2 weeks will be given for any missed work.
    Lock and lockers:  It is your responsibility to lock everything up so nothing is taken.
    Do not bring any materials to class on activity days.
    Grading: Exams-30%, Class Assignments-50%, Notebook-20%

    Class procedure: You must be in the gym by the tardy bell. On dress out days (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) classes are given four minutes after the tardy bell rings to be dressed in their uniform. Students will then proceed to their attendance area.  No items will be allowed in activity area.  The last ten minutes of the period the class will return to the gym so that the locker rooms can be unlocked and the students may change back into their school clothes. All students must wait in the designated area until the bell rings to change classes.
    On classroom days (Thursday/Friday) students will meet at the gym and go to the classroom together. Students are expected to have paper and pencil.
    Electronic devices: They will not be allowed after the tardy bell rings. Lake Weir High school is not liable for any stolen devises on campus. No phones may be out in the locker room.
    Class Rules:
         Be at the right place on time.
         Follow directions.
         Put forth an effort.
         Respect others and equipment
         Use appropriate language.
    671-4820 ext.58891     tammy.chambless@marion.k12.fl.us
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