• Course:                American Government Hybrid

    Teacher:              Luke Blackson

    Email:                    luke.blackson@marion.k12.fl.us


    Course Description:  American Government is a course that will give you a detailed understanding of the origins, foundation, and application of our political system and how it affects your life. This is a required course for gradation. Students will spend time in both the classroom as well as the computer lab.



    • Attend Class on Time:
      • Attendance will be taken immediately after the bell. Students who are not present will be marked as absent. No exceptions.
      • Students will receive three warnings for tardies. The fourth tardy will result in a discipline referral.
    • No Electronics:
      • Unless otherwise assigned students are not permitted to use any electronic devices in class. This includes cell phones, tablets, iPods, laptops, etc.
      • Headphones are only permitted in the lab to be used for government material.
      • Students will be provided with a computer to use for the online component of this course.
    • Stay quiet and seated during class:
      • Students will be assigned seats, and must remain in seat throughout class.
      • Do not talk during class time.
      • Students who are disruptive will be dismissed from class. This will result in a Zero for any assigned work during class.  
    • Participate in class:
      • Students are to remain awake and alert in class. Students will receive no warning for sleeping in class.  If caught I will consider the student will be dismissed from class, and will not receive a grade for any work done in that class.
      • Students must also stay on task. If caught using the computers for anything other than assigned work, the student will be dismissed from class.
    • Be prepared for class:
      • Student must bring all required materials to class. I will not provide materials for student; if a student is unable to complete an assignment they will not receive a grade for that assignment. 

    Grades: (Grades will not be entered until Friday)

    • Test/ Political Conversation: (50%) Test will be given on a regular basis.  Students will be informed of the test date at least two weeks prior to the test.  Test will be taken online. Students will have one attempt to take each test.

    Political conversation will be guided discussion on issues in American politics.  Political conversation will be scored in two parts.

    1. Opinion paper (60%): Students will write a short opinion paper siting where they stand on the particular issue or issues being discussed. Students must use creditable sources to back up there political stance.
    2. Classroom Conversation (40%): Students will participate in a teacher guided conversation over political issues and will be scored based on their participation.
    • Classwork/ Lessons/ Quizzes. (40%) Student will be assigned will receive online assignment to complete for the online component of this class. These assignments must be turned in by the due date or they will receive a zero. Quizzes will be given after each lecture.
    • Key Terms and Essential Question: (10%) Students are required to keep a notebook.  The notebook will contain both key terms and essential question from each unit.  Notebooks are due on test dates.  No Exceptions.  Terms and essential question not turned in in a notebook will not be accepted.

    *Parents of students with a 60% or lower will be contacted following each unit. 

    Class Components

    • Online Component:
      • The majority of this class will take place online. All students will have adequate access to computer to complete the online work.  Students will do lessons, quizzes, classwork, and test online.  Students who do not complete assignment will be marked be given a
    • Classroom Component:
      • The smaller percentage of this class will take place in the classroom. During classroom time we will have lectures.  All lectures must be attended.  Students will take a quiz over the lecture the following day. 

    Class Materials:

    The following materials must be brought to class every day unless told otherwise.

    • Pencil and Pen
    • Notebook Paper (Required)

    Make Up Policy:

    Students are responsible for their own make up work, not the teacher.  All work assigned in class will be posted on my website.  You are responsible for making up the work you miss.

    Quizzes:  Quizzes must be made up before school.  You have two class days to make up any quizzes you miss. If you do not make up a quiz within the two class days you will receive a zero for the quiz.

    Important Note: Students must follow the schedule.  Online work will not be accessible after the completion date.  This includes test.