U.S. History

  • Course:                U.S. History.

    Teacher:              Luke Blackson

    Email:                  luke.blackson@marion.k12.fl.us


    Course Description:

                    United States History Reconstruction-Present we will be study the history of the United States starting from Reconstruction up till our present day.  Students will gain knowledge of history, geography, political process, etc. and how it pertains to American History.


    • Textbook
    • Spiral Notebook
    • Writing Materials (Pen, Pencil, Etc.)
    • 3-5 ruled index cards. (3 packs)
    • Any other materials need I will alert you of in advance.

    Grading System:

    This course will use a point grading system, the points are as follows

    • A=90-100
    • B=80-89
    • C=70-79
    • D=60-69
    • F=00-59

    The course components will be weighted as follows:

    1. Flash Cards                =10%
    2. Quizzes/ Homework/ Classwork =35%
    3. Test, Project, and Presentations =55%

    Course components specifics:

                    Homework:  Homework will be assigned, collected and graded.  It is expected to turned in on the due date.  If a student is absent it is his/her job to ask me for the homework and the in-class assignments.  They are due within one day of the students return to school. 

                    Flash: Students will be required to keep flash cards.  The flash cards will contain terms, dates, essential questions, and other concepts used as a study aide.

                    Quizzes:  Quizzes will be given frequently.   However, if a student is doing the homework and participating in class they will not struggle with these.  Quizzes will account for 25% of the final grade.

                    Test:  Test will be given following every unit.

                    Extra Credit: Their will be no extra credit given during this course.


    Class Rules:

    • Arrive to class on time. Students who are late will be marked as tardy. No Exceptions.
    • Stay seated during class time. Unless told otherwise students are to remain in their assigned seat thought the entire class.
    • Students are to remain quiet throughout class.
    • Absolutely no cell phone use in class.