• Welcome to Saddlewood Art!


    These are the projects the students are currently working on in art!

    5th grade - Dragon- The students will learn about dragons in various cultures and they will also gain a better understanding of foreground, background and illustration.

    4th grade - Castle Rule - The students will learn about various castles around the world as well as the basic of using a ruler to create art.

    2nd & 3rd Grade - Harvest Scarecrow-  The students will sketch, illustrate and paint a scarecrow.  They'll learn about the autumn harvest and what a scarecrow is used for.



    FAFO is this weekend (October 22 & 23) at Citizens Circle next to City Hall in downtown Ocala.  Marion County Public Schools will be featuring artwork from each school and there are also artists from around the country showing as well!  There are also fun activities and performances.

    The following Saddlewood students are showing work at FAFO this year!

     Anijah Taylor

    Ella Champ

    Kirk Dee

    Jelisa Alteon

    Trey Lofton

    Ambyr Bearce

    Haylee Caputo

    Grayson Benedict

    Callie Shadle

    Ansh Patel

    Ashley Weng

    Ja'Nyah Bradley

    Angelina Laurito

    Isabel Chell

    Darah Brown

    Emily Thrasher

    Gloryshellys Rodriguez

    Pamela Simmons

    Taliyah Tucker

    Nehemiah Gago