Course Syllabus

    US History Honors – Mr. Small

    Forest High School – 2016-2017


    Dear Parent/Guardian and Student



    My goals for the course are to help students:

    • Develop a strong understanding and appreciation of the basic principles of government and economics.

    • Appreciate the roles played by individuals in every aspect of political and economic life.

    • Understand the important role of civics in his or her life on a daily basis.

    • Build solid social studies vocabulary.

    • Develop thinking, reading, and writing skills that support the ability to challenge assumptions, think creatively, and solve real-life problems.


    The majority of homework in this class will consist of reading the textbook and completing assignments that are started during class time. Nonfiction reading requires students to think while they read. Students should be sure to check their comprehension by asking why history events took place and be sure s/he can explain causes and effects! The goal is not to read quickly, but to understand and remember what one reads. Parents will notice a huge emphasis this year on close reading of complex text. The goal is to challenge students to read and reread complex text to promote increased comprehension and deeper analysis of the text.


    Grades will be determined by the county-wide scale:

                            90 – 100=      A

                            80 – 89=         B

                            70 – 79=         C

                            60 – 69=         D

                             0 – 59=          F


    Also, grade categories will be weighted as follows:

                            10%    Homework

                            50%    Class Work, Quizzes, DBQs, and RWAs

                            40%    Tests, Projects, and Presentations


    Florida Civics End-of-Course Exam: By Florida statute, all middle school students are required to take the state-wide US History End of Course exam (EOC) which will constitute 30% of each student’s final grade. The percentages detailed above do not include the EOC calculation.


    Missing Work Due to Absences: According to the Marion County Code of Student Conduct (pg. 11), students have “one (1) day for each day absent except for extenuating circumstances” in which to make up missed work including missed tests. Missing work due to absences will receive a zero grade with a footnote of “Missing.” IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT to utilize either my website, their planner, a reliable student, or emailing me to keep up with assignments and make arrangements to take missed tests or quizzes.


    I look forward to working with both you and your child to experience an exceptional school year. Please feel free to contact me with your concerns at any time. I can be contacted at 352- or Richard.small@marion.k12.fl.us whenever questions or concerns arise. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have a concern.

    Parents, I would also appreciate your email. If you like, you can simply email me with your child’s name in the subject line and your name in the content body.


    Yours truly,

      Richard Small