• Jeb Bush and MrQ Civics textbook
    Civics is all about citizenship participation in our American democracy.
    Most people think of electing leaders when we talk about Civics
    ...but it is so much more than that. Be prepared for active decision making,
    rigorous debate, and learning how to influence others.

    There are many institutions, ideas, and people that make up our form of government.
    This year we will learn about these and also prepare for your role as a law-abiding citizen,
    consumer, voter, and responsible member of society.

    For more details about this course, check out the Civics Syllabus.
    Check the Civics Assignment page daily for classwork, homework, and projects. 

    Welcome to Civics!

    PS: Just a reminder that this is one of the few courses in Middle School that is tested by a state End-of-Course exam.