Ms Petkanics

  • As the year has progressed, i have learned that flexibility is the key factor to my teaching this year.  i have bee working with 6 different teachers with 150 students involved in various levels of learning.  I see the beginning of the glow of learning in a students eyes and I see the cloud of frustration in others.  My job has become to help lighten the glow and to remove the cloud whenever possible.


Ms. Brenda petkanics



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Brenda petkanics

I am a 28 year veteran of Teaching.  I have taught preschool up to graduating seniors in various settings here in Florida and in Illinois.  I have also taught at the college level for pre-teacher education.

I am a single mother of two children and so I know the joys of juggling home and work life and trying to be the best parent I can be and best teacher for the students I get to guide during each school year.  Each year brings a new special feeling of awe and wonder as I watch my students blossom and grow and get to see former students make the growth needed to be successful in middle school.

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