Ms. Park 8th grade Pre-Algebra

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    Each day we take notes on the standards and Math concepts required for the grade.  It is the students responsibility to take notes fully.  Homework will be assigned everyday, and is due the following class.  If the student completes the HW and tries there best, they earn a 100%.  If the student only does half of the work or turns the assignment late, they earn 50%.  If the student does do their HW, they earn a 0%.  We go over all HW questions before moving onto the next standard.  It is the student's responsibility to ask questions if he/she does not understand.  A test will be given at the end of each unit worth 50% of their grade.  It is expected that the student studies and practices for the test.

    Khan Academy will be assigned for additional practice and understanding.  It is not required at home, but will help tremendously.

    i-Ready will be used weekly.  Each student is required to complete 45 minutes of Math and 45 minutes of Language Arts every week.  Students will be provided time in class to complete this (they should not be doing i-Ready at home.) i-Ready is a great tool to help fill in the gaps from previous years.  If the student takes the program seriously they will make huge improvements in Math and Language Arts, if the students does not take it seriously they will continue to struggle in class.

    *Homework Policy: HW is assigned on paper.

    **Homework is due the following day

    ***Late HW is accepted at any time within the quarter, for half credit.  For best results and better grades HW should be done the day the lesson is taught. 


    7th Grade Syllabus

    8th Grade Syllabus