Ms. Park 8th grade Pre-Algebra

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    E-Textbook, HW, and Extra practice Assignments:

    Log on information:

    Enter the site through the Marion County Desktop

    To access Pearson: 

    1. Sign into Marion portal

    2. Across the bottom of the page, in white, click e-textbooks

    3. Click on the brown tile labeled Course Schedule

    4. Click on the hyperlink e-textbook to the left of Pre-Algebra

    5. Click on the Pearson Realize box on the right side of the screen

    6. Assignments are found under classes, which is the red/orange box

    7. There are three tabs

         a. Not started: is a new assignment not started by the student

         b. In Progress: is an assignment the student started but has not finished

         c. Completed: the assignments and grades that are completed

    8. Students can retake and HW assignment for a better grade.


    *Homework Policy: HW is assigned on Pearson Realize for students with access to the internet.  Students without internet access is issued a textbook upon request.

    **Online HW for the week is due each Saturday by midnight.

    **Paper HW for the week is due the following day.

    ***Late HW is accepted at any time within the quarter, without penalization.  For best results and better grades HW should be done the day the lesson is taught. 


    8th Grade Syllabus