O'Briant, James A

  • Hello,


    I am James A O'Briant. I have been here at Horizon in my 11th year and am proud to be a part of this school.

    As an experienced educator, I have had the pleasure of teaching from Kindergarten all the way through the college level.

    I have been a part of our ESE Academy since 2009 and am always pleased to see our students grow.


    I am teaching 6-8 English/Language Arts and 6-8 Social Studies (World History, Civics, and American History).

    The main goal I have is for my students to do better at Reading and talking about what they are learning from their reading with parents/guardians.

    My major homework is that I need for each student to read 100 minutes a week and write short summary.  Then, discuss that reading with parents/guardians and have that adult sign off on that discussion.  Please contact me for information about that form.


    If there are any questions in regards to this class communication is welcome via e-mail.



    James O'Briant


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