• The lessons listed under assignments are NOT assignments.  These lessons have been covered in class.  However,  you will see that your student may bring one of these workbook pages home daily.   I  suggest ALL students take the pages home as practice but IT IS NOT HOMEWORK AND WILL NOT BE GRADED!!!  It will be corrected so your student can know where they are struggling with the concept but again it is not a grade. 

    Please feel free to do the workbook pages with your student as extra practice as often as you would like!  

    If you have any questions, please contact me.  



    These are some safety senarios for science.  Please rclick on the link and read the situations with your student.  Have discussion and what was done properly and what wasnt. Safety Senarios

    This is a list of tools scientists use.  Please familiarize your studnet with them:  5th Grade Tools