• During COVID-19, (called the Corona Virus) Marion County classes will be online starting April 1, 2020.  

    Attendance must be taken by 9:30 every morning.  There will be a bell ringer on Google classrooms where you answer the question to show that you are present daily. 


    1. Complete the bellringer before 9:30 daily.  It is located in Google Classroom.

    2. Check Ms. Arrendell's website for assignments ELA and Social Studies.  Click Here

    3. Check  the Math Assignments page and  the Science Assignments page for weekly assignments.

    4. Check the Specials (Art, Music or PE) assignment due this week.



    Durante COVID-19, (llamado Corona Virus) las clases del Condado de Marion estarán en línea a partir del 1 de abril de 2020.

    La asistencia debe tomarse antes de las 9:30 cada mañana. Habrá un timbre en las aulas de Google donde responderá la pregunta para mostrar que está presente todos los días.


    1. Complete el bellwork antes de las 9:30 a diario. Se encuentra en Google Classroom.

    2. Visite el sitio web de la Sra. Arrendell para las tareas de ELA y Estudios Sociales. Haga clic aquí

    3. Verifique la página de Tareas de Matemáticas y la página de Tareas de Ciencias para las tareas semanales.


    4. Verifique la asignación de Especiales (Arte, Música o Educación Física) que vence esta semana.












    Miss Marquez 5th Grade Syllabus


    Miss Marquez de Smith

    Bldg: 2-105



    Office Hours: 2:30-3:00 T-Th

    -Available by appointment


    Subjects Taught:                                  

    • Math                                        
    • Science                        



    The Big Three:                                  

    • Do what’s right
    • Do your best
    • Treat others the way you want to be treated


    Specials Assigned:

    • P.E.
    • Art
    • Music
    • Recess



    Mission Statement:

              This year, it is my goal to help you grow academically, emotionally and socially. I will treat you with respect, compassion, and enthusiasm in all areas of education and character building. In turn, I expect them same from you towards me as well as towards your classmates. I believe honesty, consistency and integrity will help you reach your life long goals.

    Table of Contents

    • Student Expectations
    • Supplies
    • P.B.S (Behavior System)
    • “How To”s



    Student Expectations:

    • Dress Code & Personal Hygiene
      • You will be expected to adhere to Horizon Academy’s dress code: Polo tucked in, pants with belt, & appropriate shoes
      • There will be a parent & student resource room to aid in this policy
      • You will be expected to be sanitary in all facets of school life, including but not limited to: Bathroom, lunchroom, PE, & classroom


    • Classroom Conduct
      • Door holder for each & every enter & exit of a room
      • Polite conversation with all adults & peers: “Please & Thank you”, “Excuse me”, “Mr. & Mrs.”, and etc.
      • Proper Center behavior: No running, pushing, or improper language
      • Supportive & constructive language towards peers: “Great job!”, “I like the way you did that problem” (Zero tolerance toward negative words or bullying of other students in the learning environment)




      • 4 spiral notebooks          
      • 5 composition notebooks
      • 4 boxes Pencils 12 count
      • 4 red pens
      • 4 Highlighters
      • 2 packages Index cards
      • 2 Sticky notes
      • 3 packages notebook Paper
      • Scissor, ruler, glue sticks, colored pencils, crayons
      • 2 boxes tissues,
      • 2 large hand sanitizer
      • 1 box gallon baggies (Girls)
    • 1 box sandwich baggies (Boys)



    Note:  We will have lunch early therefore we plan to have a snack in the afternoon.  If you are able, please send enough snacks for the entire class. (Individually wrapped snacks and juice boxes)     Currently we have a count of 21 students. 


    Rules & Behaviors:

    PBS: We will explain the school’s behavior system.

    I will follow the school’s plan and we will discuss what these mean and what I expect. If we adhere to the big three we will create the best classroom in the school.


    Time-out procedure:     Our behavior system will be a zero tolerance toward the disruption of our positive & fun learning environment.  We will have plenty of time to have fun throughout the school year!  If, however, we run into problems this is how they will be handled:

    • We will keep a class log of incidents, to be signed by students when we run into problems, a parent notification will promptly follow each incident log.
    • In the rare case, and I mean rare, a timeout desk will be utilized, where the student will write a reflective essay about the incident.
    • This is a no bully classroom & school!


    If we all follow the big three, we will have a wonderful year. (I will be contacting parents throughout the year for the good & the bad!)


    Homework Policy:


    The district has adopted a no homework policy for math and science. However, practice sheets will be sent home each night. If your student decides not to do the practice, it will slow the learning process as math in particular needs repetition for mastery. Assessments will follow the district mandated dates and the pace is quick. If your student is not performing well or is not producing in class, we will schedule a parent teacher student lead conference to discuss your student’s performance. If at this time we as a team determine that it is in your student’s best interest to institute a home practice policy we will do so. Tutoring for a fee is offered beginning the second week of school in your home by two different licensed teachers. Please let me know if you would like tutoring.

    “How To”s: Take notes for Math and Social Studies, (To be demonstrated)

      • Proper paper headings (To be demonstrated)
      • Act in centers (To be demonstrated)
      • To talk in class (To be demonstrated)




    7:55 - 8:00        Homeroom

    8:00 - 8:30        Computer Lab

    8:30 - 10:05      Morning Group Math & Science

    10:05 - 10:10    Morning Group pack up and  drop off bookbags in Ms. Arrendell's class on way to Recess

    10:10 - 10:30    Recess

    10:30 - 11:00    Lunch

    11:00 - 11:50    Specials:  (Mon - Art, Tues/Wed/Thur - PE, Fri - Music) 

    11:50 - 1:50      Afternoon Group Math & Science

    12:50 - 2:30      MTSS

    2:25                 Dismissal