Testing will soon be here. What are you doing to be prepared?


  • Have you ever thought about the water you are drinking? 

    Have you ever wondered where it came from? 

    Maybe you've wondered who drank it before you? 


    Well maybe you should start thinking about the WATER CYCLE. 

    What is the water cycle? 

    Why is it important? 

    Does the ocean play a part?

    What is condensation? 



    How do these words interact and why should I be concerned about them?

    These are some of the things we are talking about in class. 

    Below are a few links that will help with our current topic:  

    Bill Nye and the Water Cycle

    The Water Cycle Stemscopes (English)

    The Water Cycle Stemscopes (Espanol)

    Download Independent Practice (English and Espanol)