• Classroom and Team Expectations

     -Follow the Big 3.

     -Be on time to class and follow Dress Code Policy (see Student Handbook).

     -Be prepared for class (Horizon Academy Binder, paper, pencils, know Center and class procedures, etc.).

     -Respect yourself, staff, classmates, and school property.

     -Try your best. Progress is the only acceptable outcome.

    Discipline Model:

    The Progressive Discipline Model is used in this classroom and at this school. Students will receive behavior interventions as needed and parents will be consistently notified. Documentation is recorded through the C.I.R. Form (Classroom Intervention Report). If and when behavior and/or academic expectations are not met, the student will receive an intervention.

    Grading Information:

    You are the individual responsible for the grade you receive. I do not “give” grades, you earn them.  9-weeks grades will be based on the following:

    -Classwork and Daily Activities                 

    -Center Activities                            

    -Quizzes or Planner Checks

    -Tests (Unit Tests, Vocabulary Tests, Social Studies DBQ’s, Writing Performance Tests)        

    -9 Week Projects (if and when provided, information will be sent home)


    Students are to read 30 minutes a night. Additionally, students are to review the concepts covered in the day's lessons. Parents may provide academic extensions in the home!


    Needed for Class:

    For Mr. Johnson’s class, you will need the following:

    -Your Horizon Academy Binder which includes your Horizon Academy Planner, everyday                                                             

    -A spiral or composition notebook (Vocabulary Notebook, this will stay in the classroom and be used daily)

    -Notebook paper and writing utensils, everyday

    -A smile and a great attitude, everyday