• UPDATE  Friday April 10

    We have survived this first week of school at home!  Today is the day you are to be turning in that first weeks' worth of work.  You may send it by email or by text, whichever is easiest for you!


    There is an assignment for each subject, for each week of April.   I DO  NOT WANT ANY MORE THAN ONE PER WEEK,  PER SUBJECT.  

    The assignments are clearly labeled as to which week they are to be completed.  Hopefully you won't have any issues in understanding, but if you do... PLEASE feel free to call me!  You know I am okay with that. :-) 


    Again... Patience and Grace.  Let's remember to have that for each other always, but especially so in these crazy times!


    Sending lots of love to all my kiddos!!  I miss you and hope to see your sweet faces soon on the computer!!!!

    Love, Ms. E