•      Math Course 1 Grade 6 / 2019-2020                                   Mrs. Culbreath            Sylvia.culbreath@marion.k12.fl.us

    I am delighted to welcome you to another great year at Horizon Academy Marion Oaks. The purpose of this course is to focus on active engagement with numbers by focusing on ceonceptual understanding, computational and procedural skills and problem solving.  Students will increase their experiences in Mathematics and understand how all their courses are related.

    Textbooks:  This year marion County has adopted new textbooks. Our textbooks are Envisions Florida Mathematics. Students are encouraged to use the online text. Gives students a chance to review materials at home and allow parents to follow their child’s progression during the year. **Attached you will find the year in a glance which shows what will be covered in grade 6 Math.

    Classroom Procedures & Policies

    Be Prompt:    Students need to be in the class and seated when bell rings.

    Be Prepared:  Bring binder to class every day. Come prepared for class with paper and #2 sharpened pencils.  Have homework completed before coming to class

    Be Productive: Students must be on task and work to the best of their ability.  Be a positive role model in and out of the classroom. Be someone you’d be proud of.

     Be Polite and Respectful: Be respectful of classmates and staff at all times.

    Do not talk while someone else is talking. This includes putting down another student’s work, bullying or tormenting other students. Use all materials properly and for their intended purpose.  No food/drink/gum/candy in class.

    Supplies: 2 composition notebooks            loose leaf paper        2 pencils at all times

    Extra: Hand sanitizer                box tissues



    When walking into my class: Quietly WALK into the room.

    Complete planner entry on Mondays.  Start bell work.  Sharpen pencil if needed. When bell rings – all is silent and you should continue to work on bell work. 

    Tardy: You are tardy if you are not in your seat working when the bell rings. If you receive 3 tardies in my classroom in a quarter, you will receive a referral. 

    Bell work: You will have bell work every day. Date paper and try your best. Bell work will be checked daily. DO NOT tear any paper out of your bell work notebook. Bell work Book stays in class.

     Sharpen Pencils:  Before class starts

     Bathroom: Students need to hold up thumb as a signal to use the bathroom and only after acknowledged may they use bathroom. Must sign bathroom log.

    Only during classwork time – not during instruction time.

    Homework: Homework is given the first class meeting of each week for the entire week and is due the next class meeting with work shown. Answers only will not receive credit. It is the students responsiblity to copy homework from the board the first class meeting of the week.  If a student is absent it is still THEIR responsibilty to copy homework form the board.  Pencil only – absolutely NO pen!!

    Classwork: Turned in daily unless stated. This is for me to assess your knowledge.

    Planners: Bring every day to class and kept inside binder.

    Notes: Academic notebook need to be brought to class every day and kept inside binder. You can use your academic notebooks on quizzes. You’re responsible to get notes if absent.

    Make-Up Work: Find a buddy in class to get homework and classwork from while absent to get a head start or check our class website. YOU are responsible for your make-up work the following day. Quizzes and tests must be made up.

    Grading: You will be graded on the following items:

    Homework – 10%           Classwork /Quizzes /FSA 40%                Tests/Projects –50%

    Some of the consequences for rules that are broken are:

    Verbal warning / Private talk with student.

    Reflective essay – may or may not be sent home for parents

    Call home or email home.