•  *Updated Monday, March 30th, 2020*


    All of your assignments will be posted on google classroom. This webpage is just a way to oragnize where you should start and end up. You need to download three apps to use for my class to keep up to date on what is going on.


    www.remind.com   This app will help you to text me and you so you can ask me any questions.

     dec97cc  6th Grade World History code to log in.

     4efa2c     8th Grade English Language Arts code to log in.



    Google Classroom   This app is located on your portal. Once you log in and see all of your apps on your screen, at the bottom you should see Google, click on it then on classroom. Once there login using your class code.

    ji3ib3i   6th Grade World History

    ttyevk6     8th Grade English Language Arts



    www.zoom.com App we will use to talk to one another as a class through video conferencing. This will not be mandatory but it would be nice for you to see and talk to me and your class.