Ms. Ritacco


    Marion County Schools may record online classroom sessions utilizing third-party platforms (Zoom, Google Classrom, etc.) These recordings will only be used for educational purposes and may be shared on other learning platforms. If you do not want our child's image or identifying information recorded, utilize your device/platform controls to stop the camera feed from your device.



    Welcome to Ms. Ritacco's Fourth Grade Online Class! Great job last week learning and setting yourself up for success with online learning! Each week will get a little easier for all of us. If you are still having trouble with certain assignments, please reach out to me. I will no longer be in the classroom, so you will need to contact me through email. If you have not set up your email through your Outlook account on your desktop, you will need to get that done this week. I can walk you through the process if needed. I am opening the assignments for the week each Sunday evening. They will be due by April 10 at 3:00. If you did not complete all of last week's assignments, they are still open and you can see them listed under past due assignments. They are listed there for all students. This just means that they are still available. If you know you completed each one, then you are fine. If you did not, please get those completed. I will put grades in Skyward each Monday, so it is important for you to complete all the work. You will notice that more subjects have been added. Last week was a short week and I wanted to give everyone an opportunity to work through the kinks and become comfortable before we started all the subjects. We will have a Zoom meeting on Tuesday at 9:00AM to touch base and make sure everyone is doing well and answer any questions questions you may have.   Please reach out to me at nancy.ritacco@marion.k12.fl.us with any questions!  

    As suggested in a earlier email. Have students write weekly assignments in their planner and check off as they complete. This will help them schedule their time and show them their progress!

    Zoom meetings:

    The link for this Tuesday is being sent to your email and to student email along with a password. I want to keep the meeting as secure as possible so have not posted here.



    Schedule: I will be available for questions and concerns between 9:00-10:00 and 1:00-2:00. You can email me at nancy.ritacco@marion.k12.fl.us. If there is ever a problem, please reach out! We will get through this together!

    Email- please have your child check their email daily and use it as communication with me.

    Expectations: Each week you will be expected to complete 3 ELA, 3 Math, 1 Science, and 1 Social Studies task. These assignments will be graded and will be due by Friday of each week.


    Attendance: I will be taking attendance by 9:30 everyday. Your child will need to be working on assignments by then. I would like for them to be working on IReady Reading or Math by 9:00 each morning and get this completed first, if possible. If you know your child is not going to be completing online school for a specific day, please email a doctor's note or excuse to Rachel.Rouse@marion.k12.fl.us, so that she can make the attendance absence correct.


    AR: Myon and Destiny have online books available to students. These are available on your student desktop.You may also use books that you already own. The books need to be on your assigned reading level. To have access from home, you will need to use the following website: https://hosted257.renlearn.com/72115/


    If you are picking a book from MyOn please be sure it is on your level. After clicking the book cover, click on the "i" for information. This will give you the exact level.


    Mr. Lanza has a "Mr. Lanza Reads" site on his web page. Click the link below to get to his web page and you can hear him read books. :)



    Specials: You will be assigned one specials task each week. For this week, Music is your assigned special. You will need to go to Mrs. Fotino's webpage to see your assignment. The links should bring you to their page. :)

    Mrs. Fotino (Music)



    Mrs. Condie (Art)


     Coach Rodriguez (PE)                                                **Please visit coach's page for information. He has a bi-weekly

    https://www.marionschools.net/Domain/14295                assignment and form!


    Zoom meetings: It was so fantastic to see everyone!!! Our zoom meetings will be held each Tuesday as a check in. That way students can look over assignments on Monday and ask any questions as needed. The link for this Tuesday is being sent to your email and to student email along with the password. I want to keep the meeting as secure as possible.


    Step-by-step directions to find:

    Student desktop - You will login to www.marionstudents.net, put in your username and password a couple of times

    IReady - Look for the IReady icon on your Desktop

    Myon - Look for the Myon icon on your Desktop

    Think Central - Look for the icon on your Desktop

    Skyward Student Access - Look for the icon on your Desktop, this is where your grades and attendance are posted

    Studies Weekly - At the bottom of your Desktop, click on e-textbooks, then click on Studies Weekly, Click on 4th grade, then the week that has been assigned.

    Think Central - At the bottom of your Desktop, click on e-textbooks, then click on Think Central, click on Things to do

    AR - https://hosted257.renlearn.com/72115/

    IXL - Go to IXL.com, You will need to know your IXL username and password (it is different from your www.marionstudents.net username and password) Contact me if you forgot it. Click on 4th grade Math, ELA or Science. Then scroll through to find the correct assignment.