• Students will want to get online daily to try and complete iReady Reading, work on completing their Reading Assignment listed, and completing their Social Studies Assignment as well.  The following skills will be the 4th quarter Focus through what they see in their assignments each week.  

    4th Grade ELA :These skills listed below will be great skills to find through IXL for students to try and Master on their own personal time in addtion to the Assignments & iReady practice they will want to complete each week. The following standards are meant to best review for the 4th quarter based on this year's QSMA scores overall:

    R.L. 1.1-Determine Details and Examples of a text when it is explained explicitly or infered. 

    R.L.1.2-Determine a theme from a story, drama, or poem.

    R.I.1.2-Identify the main idea of a text and how it is supported by details. 

    R.I.1.3-Explain examples and procedures in a text from a historical, scientific, or technical text. 

    R.I.2.4- Determine the meaning of general academic & domain-specific words.

    R.L.2.5-Explain the differences between a poem, drama, or prose

    R.I.2.5-Identify the Text structure of a piece of text (i.e. compare/contrast; problem/solution; cause/effect; main idea/details; etc.).

    R.L.2.6-Compare/ contrast the point of view from which different stories are narrated (including 1st/ 3rd person narration).

    R.I.3.8-Explain how an author uses reasons and evidence in a text. 

    R.L.3.9-Compare & contrast similar themes, topics, and patterns of events in myths, legends, and stories from traditional cultures. 

    R.I.3.9-Integrate information from two texts on the same topic.