• Parents & Students,   

    I want this to be as easy as possible.  Beginning this week, I will post 1 Reading Assignment and 1 Social Studies Assignment for you to work on. In upcoming weeks to follow, I will provide you with a choice of 3.  You can do all 3 and I would be happy to take the best grade of those or be sure to choose 1.  Your expectation is to get through them by the end of the week and submit your work either in a document form sent by email or see attached directions for Student's Google Classroom along with my Class Code on my Assignments Page.  Students need to be sure they are logged into Google Classroom with their email (First Name.Last Name@marionstudents.net).  By doing this, I am able to have them share their work as it is done and I will be able to reshare it back to them with a grade on that same page.  This can also be snapped as a photo and sent to my email as well. The assignments are separate from completing 45 minutes of Reading iReady each week as well as reading for 20 minutes daily.  Now that Accelerated Reader quizzing is available through the link attached in a separate assignment, you are able to take quizzes after reading any personal books you may have at home or by choosing from the many options provided on MyOn.  Please don't wait to get something done each and every day of the school week.  This is what will make your job much easier.         MONDAY ZOOM MEETINGSOur first meeting (Students, that was for you!)- Went awesome! So happy to see so many faces. ***Monday Morning Meeting at 9:00a.m. on Zoom!***

      https://zoom.us/j/902412877 (copy and paste address into web browser) 

    Looking forward to seeing you!

    ATTENDANCE: In order to count students PRESENT for each day, I am asking students to sign in to iReady reading or Math to get some work started by no later than 8:30am.  This will allow me to properly check for students starting their day in some form.  

    * Please feel free to contact me in any form that works best for you (i.e. email, REMIND, Google Classroom) if you have any questions at all. 

  • Mrs. Newbold