"A Little Something Extra"

  • Lagniappe (pronounced lan-yap): a Cajun word meaning “a little something extra." It can be something as simple as an extra beignet (donut) with your order, a second scoop of ice cream added to your cone or a couple extra shrimp tossed into your order.

Let's Make Some Fingerprint Monkeys

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    You will need some twine or rope, brown paint, a brown/black marker, and glue.


    Start by dipping your thumb into the brown paint and stamping it on the white piece of paper.

    After that, dip your pointer finger in the paint and press it right above the thumbprint.


    Cut a piece of rope/twine and glue it onto the paper just above the monkey bodies.

    Grab the brown marker and draw the tail, ears, arms, and legs!

    Finish the monkeys off by drawing black eyes and a dark brown circle/smile on their face.




How to Draw a Brontosaurus

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    Georgia Aquarium Whale Shark -

    Georgia Aquarium Whale Shark

    Mrs. Wilson and I went here over the Winter Break to see the whale sharks. This is our video, they were HUGE!!!

    Check out the live video feeds in the link below.

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