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    I miss all of my students, and hope that I will get to see everyone soon. 

    I love seeing familiar faces in the neighborhood as my family and I are riding our bikes. 

    What are you all doing to stay active? Each week I will be assigned two grade levels for PE. Below is my grade level rotation, along with a reminder of which classes I will be in charge of. I will also give the weekly assignment for the grade levels of the week. Please email or Class Dojo me with any questions. My email address is I am hoping by the end of this week I will be connected to all my classroom teachers with Dojo. 


    Coach Pietryka/Coach Surber's PE Schedule

    Week of April 6th - 2nd and 3rd Grades 

    Week of April 13th - 4th and 5th Grades

    Week of April 20th - Kindergarten and 1st Grades


    Assignment of the week for my 2nd and 3rd grade classes. Assignment is due on Friday, April 10th. Please remember to email or Dojo me your completed assignment.


    Set a goal to be active for 50 minutes 3 days this week. Be creative and have fun during your physical activity time. Make sure you log your activities on a sheet of paper so you can send it to me. You can send me your activity log by email or Class Dojo. Below is an example of an activity log. Please make sure that a parent/guardian signs off on your activity log. 


    Activity Log Sample 

    Student Name: Esther Pietryka    Parent Signature:

    April 7th - Rode my bike for 30 minutes

                    Went swimming for 20 minutes

    April 9th - Played catch with my boy for 15 minutes

                    Walked for 15 minutes

                    Did a YouTube workout video for 20 minutes

    April 10th - Played a tag game with my family for 10 minutes

                    Did videos on GoNoodle for 10 minutes

                    Went rollerblading for 30 minutes

    I completed my 150 minutes of physical activity! 


    Coach Pietryka's PE Classes


    Maccubbin         Hamilton         Lanza

    Engelgau           Anderson         T. Mahoney

    Vanmeter          Davila              A. Ceruto 

    Fulcher              Kessler            Powell

    Muller                P. Mahoney      Banez

    Owen                Kaizer               J. Ceruto 

    Barbree             Siefkes





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