My email and contact hours will be 9:20-10:20 and most days 2:20-3:20.  If you email after 3:20 please expect and answer the next morning.  Thank you.

    We will be using google classroom as our assignment base and study island as well. 

    Everything will be listed on google classroom with the links. 

    Study island students can go on and check for updates for assignments on there.

      I will also be emailing students with updates. 

    Please make sure to check this page under assignments as well as google classroom. 

    Remember this will only list the assignments, google classroom is where they will be found with the links.  

    Each week of assignments is under that week's heading on the next assignments page.  They should be visible and may say 4-20-20.

    Please know that all work is done either on Study Island or Google Classroom.  The majority of it is on Google Classroom.  This is just listing where they are.