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    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    Mrs. Borge and Mrs. Fish’s 2nd Grade Classes

    Dear Parents and Guardians,
    Welcome to 2nd grade! We are so excited to have your student in our classes. This year will be special because you get not one, but two teachers to expand your child’s knowledge. Mrs. Borge will be teaching Language Arts and Social Studies, while Mrs. Fish will be teaching Math and Science. The school theme this year is Be a Greenway STAR (Student That Always Reads).
    Daily/Homework Folders: Each child will be provided a homework folder to take home each day. On Fridays, the folder may contain some of your child’s completed work for the week. All papers scored with an E, S, N, or U have been entered in the grade book. Please sign any paper graded an N or U. Kindly return the signed papers in the homework folder each Monday.
    Homework: Homework will be given Monday through Thursday. Over the weekend, students are encouraged to participate in our “Weekend Warrior” Reading incentive program here at Greenway. Please know we believe that homework is never intended to be a source of frustration for you or your child. It is meant to review the skills we have learned during class time. If it is taking over 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete each day, please STOP and let me know. It should always be a positive experience. Each student will be provided with a weekly homework schedule to keep in their homework folder. If you have any questions about what assignments are given, PLEASE call or email us. Also, feel free to write notes to us on the homework assignment with any questions you might have.
    Discipline and Class Dojo: We will be using a behavior management website called Class Dojo. Attached you will find more information about this website. Rewards and consequences will be given based on their performance on Class Dojo. You will be provided a login code to be able to check your child’s status at any time from home. Students will also receive a planner that will go home each night. Please sign the planer daily and return. Your child will get a Dojo point each day if they return with it signed. The planners will be used for additional communication between parent and teacher.
    We are strong believers in parent involvement. We look forward to working together with you to make your child a shining STAR!
    Mrs. Borge and Mrs. Fish

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