• Student behavior/calendars can be found in your child's folder.  Each day has a slash marked which indicates that the homeroom teacher will record behaviors at the top. The same sheet will travel to the afternoon teacher and she will record behaviors underneath the slash.  Please take the time to review this information since it includes rules, important dates ex. (Kona Ice), as well as the schedule for specials.


    Mrs. Greene and I are working very closely to make sure all expectations are consistent for your child. We will be using the class DoJo and would like the children to strive for 20 points each week. For those that do; we plan on eating with our lunch bunch, in the courtyard or in the classroom. This will occur mostly on Fridays.


    It is important for students to strive for excellence in attendance. Many of the teacher resources are technology related, and is difficult to make up if they miss a day. Of course, they will be excused in an emergency situation, or health issue. Please be aware, when a student misses a day, when they return they must have a written note.


    For the month of August and September, students will be learning to recognize the title, author, illustrator, main characters, and setting of a story in literature. They will be learning to stop and reflect upon what they are learning; by asking themselves questions. Examples: Have I ever seen this happen? Could this really happen? Does the character remind me of anyone?


    During Social Studies we will be concentrating on how people make choices, with items they purchase and why they might make these choices. we will be talking about the principle of "Supply and Demand". Books that you might read to your child is, The Berenstain Bears'and the Gimmies; or Alexander, and His Horrible, NoGood, Very Bad Day.


    The most important way of supporting your child is by having conversations daily with them.


    Homework assignments will be given out weekly. They will be due by Fri. morning.


    Reading 20 min. a night is very important.


    Spelling will be trying to get to 50 points a week.


    Vocabulary Homework will be a tic tac toe game. 


    For this month, we will practice reading and getting points for Spelling.