Update 4/20- This week we have PE with Mrs. Crawford. Please check out her link below for her weekly activities. In addition I added week 4 schedule to help stay on track. As always, please feel free to reach out to me via e-mail, or Class Dojo.



    Week 4



    Update 4/13- Mrs. Seykoski's class has art this week. Please check out Mr. Chighizola for the assignment this week. Google classroom has your updated assignments for all three teachers. Please check class Dojo daily for alerts and updates.  



    Week 3 schedule




    Update 4/6- Check Google classroom for weekly updates, and class dojo for the ZOOM meeting code. 

     Week 2 schedule



    Update 3/31- It was so nice to talk with most of you today! Below you will find the daily schedule sample for your child that some of us talked about. Most of us work best with a check list of some sort, and I thought this may be helpful. I also plan to host a Zoom meeting tomorrow at 11:00AM. I will send the login information via Class Dojo tomorrow morning. This is NOT a mandatory meeting, just a quick way to see your smiling faces! For directions on how to log into ZOOM please see the file below. 

    Sample schedule week 1

    zoom directions




    Update 3/27- Please check this page daily for updates related to science/SS

    As part of your child's daily routine, please ensure that they are doing the following:

    1. Log into MyOn to read for 20 minutes each day. This will do two things:
      1. Show your attendance for class that day.
      2. Help reach your daily goal of reading minutes. 
    2. Each day I will run a report to ensure you are participating with the distant learning model.
    3. Log into Google classroom. (link Below)
      1. Respond to the question posted- The questions will all be review related to science or Social Studies.
      2. Check for your daily agenda related to science/Social Studies.  

    Office hours: I will be available Monday-Friday 7am-8am and 1pm-2pm for any assistance you may need. 


    The posted assignments will count towards quarter 4 grades. It is very important that you try your best on the assignments and ask questions if you do not understand. 


    Please check your childs special area classroom for weekly lessons.


    Week 1 (April-3) PE task Coach Crawford 

    Week 2 (April 6) Music task Mrs. Hutto 

    Week 3 (April 13) Art task Mr. Chighizola

    Week 4 (April 20)  PE task Coach Crawford 


    Google classroom link

    How to log into Google classroom





    Update 3/23-4/17 - The new standard we are focused on for unit 7 is Heredity and Reproduction of plants.  Below are the standards we are going to work on. 

    1. Identify processes of sexual reproduction in flowering plants, including pollination, fertilization (seed production), seed dispersal, and germination.
    2. Explain that although characteristics of plants and animals are inherited, some characteristics can be affected by the environment.
    3. Recognize that animal behaviors may be shaped by heredity and learning.
    4. Compare and contrast the major stages in the life cycles of Florida plants and animals, such as those that undergo incomplete and complete metamorphosis, and flowering and nonflowering seed-bearing plants.







    Welcome! I have the pleasure of teaching science Social studies to your child this year.

    Check back weekly for updates on specific standards we are working on in each content area. In addition, I will provide resources to help your child learn the skills with you at home.


    One major topic this school year will be science fair projects. Start talking with your child and find what they are interested in researching. I can't wait to see who will go to the DISTRICT show case this year!