• September 2016 



          Reading: We are using many reading skills on a daily basis. These skills include, building our comprehension, increasing our fluency and sight word reading, sequencing events, cause and effect, identifying the main idea and character details. Our visuals provided while reading and working help us a great deal with understanding and answering

    *Books- "We Have Rights"; "Can that happen in the USA?";

    "Our Rights"; "We Have Responsibilities"




      Math: We are learning a variety of math skills. These include counting to 100, ordering numbers, making and completing patterns, adding and subtracting numbers and graphing information. We are also expanding our learning through hands on activities using manipulatives as well as math tools to help us problem solve.





           Science: Natural Resources, Food Webs/Food Chains and Motion 





    social studies

     Social Studies: We are learning about the rights contained in the Bill of Rights and Constitution of the United States of America. We will also learn how these rights come with responsibilities.





    social skills

    Social Skills: We are learning our schedules, new routines, following directions and playing together cooperatively with our friends.