• There will be Reading tasks assigned on Monday and will be due on Friday.

    Upcoming Unit will be Taking Care of The Earth

    Additional Resources on Myon are: Composting, What's Sprouting In My Trash, Time to Recycle, Water Sources, Trash Magic, Earth

    There will be Math tasks assigned on Monday and will be due on Friday.

    Upcoming Unit: Measurement

    Additional Literature Resources are:How Long or How Wide? A Measuremen Guide by Brian P. Cleary, Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni, How big is a foot? by Rolf Myller and Heavy Is a Hippopotomus by Miriam Schlein

    Myon: Measuring , Big,Bigger,Biggest and Measure by Measure-Capstone Press How Long-Wacky Ways To Compare Length Picture Window Books. Also available in How tall, How Heavy,How Big?

    There will be Science and Social Studies tasks assigned on Monday and due on Friday.

    SS Myon: Money:What You Need to Know by Jill Sherman, Needs or Wants by Elizabeth Moore, Earn Money by Mary Reina, Where Do People Work byHelen Gregory, Making Money by Maryellen Gregoire

    Science Myon: Sound by Abbie Dunne, Sound: Loud, Soft, High and Low, AllAbout Sound, Do Bees Buzz?, Whose Sound Is This/, All Kinds of Sounds, Shhhh: A Book About Hearing

    Additional Reources: Jack Hartmann, Alphablocks, Numberblocks, Numberjacks, Brainpop Jr.,ABCYA.com,Epic books, 

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