This year we are excited to begin a new readking series, Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) to help every  

     student towards their reading goal(s)!  It is our expectation that every student will do his/her best to reach,

    and perhaps exceed, thier expected potential.  We know they have the ability to learn something new every

     day, and are super excited to be a part of their learning process!!



    Our math is based on the Florida Standards, and we use the GO MATH! series in conjunction with many

     other math resources and hands-on math practices.  



    Science is one of our most enjoyed subjects, as our students get to learn about the world around them!  We

    use AIMS Science and Nation Geographic Science Texts, as well as many online science resources; however,

    getting to participate in science experiments is always a class favorite!!   



    Social Studies, the study of the social sciences, including economy, geography, history, civics, government, sociaology

    and psychology is important for our students to learn to help them become the resposnsible citizens we know they are! 

    By completing class projects, on-line research and group activities, the students help themselves, and each other, learn

    about the World's past, present and future, and their pplace in it!