Until Further Notice, I will be posting information in Class Dojo.  Please feel free to DOJO, email, or call me if you need any assistance!  




     School Day Schedule 

    Monday- Friday

    7:45 In your seat ready to learn by 7:45

    7:50-8:00 Attendance

    8:00-9:50 math/science with Moreno Homeroom, ELA ans SS with Eary hoomeroom

    9:30-9:50 Recess for Merino homeroom

    9:55-10:25 MTSS

    10:30-11:00 Lunch

    11:05-11:25 recess for Eary homeroom

    11:25-12:15 Specials

    12:15-2:05 Math/Science Eary homeroom/ ELA ,SS for Moreno homeroom


    Mrs. Moreno/ELA Social Studies  


    MrsEary- Math/Science  

    Communication: Dojo, Email, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and phone 352-671-6200 (If I am unable to answer, please send me a Dojo message/email to call you). 


    Learning platforms: Microsoft Teams (all assignments, dues dates, and updates will be posted there)

    Applications: Dojo, Khan Academy, Prodigy, Science Weekly (the digital version on the portal), and Stemscopes 


    Frequently asked questions: 

    Will my work be graded?  

    Yes, many of your assignments will be graded and entered in Skyward grade book.  

    Do I have to check in every day?  

    Yes, attendance and participation are required from 7:45-2:05 daily  

    Unfortunately, we are unable to allow any physical papers to be returned back to the school.