Until Further Notice, I will be posting information and assignments in Google classroom and in Class Dojo.  Please feel free to DOJO, email, or call me if you need any assistance!  

      Weekly assignments details will be posted in Google Classroom. For Math/Science assignment details, sign in to the google classroom idum5ux. For ELA assignments, sign in to Mrs. Lulenski's google classroom id 66i25io.


    MrsLulenski and Mrs. Eary’s Distance Learning information 

    During the student instructional week, a minimum of 

    •  Forty-five minutes of both i-Ready Reading and Math online instruction should be completed  
    • Twenty minutes of daily reading should be done independently or with families  
    • Three tasks for ELA (Reading/Writing)  
    • Three tasks for Math  
    • One task for Science  
    • One task for Social Studies 
    • See Special area teacher web page for their weekly assignments

    Attendance: Each student will have to respond in the attendance feed in your homeroom Google Classroom. They will log in to the portal and enter their homeroom google classroom, respond to the question of the day. 

    Example: Cristopher is in Mrs. Eary’s homeroom, so he will sign on to Eary’s classroom and answer the daily question. 

    Suggested School Day Schedule 

    Monday- Friday 

    Two hours of- ELA/Social Studies. This includes I ready, silent reading, and teacher assigned lessons.  

    Two hours of- Math/Science. This includes I ready, and teacher assigned lessons  

    1 hour- Special Area (PE, Art, Music)  


    Mrs. Lulenski/ELA Social Studies  

    Office hours: 11-12 pm and 1-2 pm (Mrs. Lulenski will be available for questions and assistance) 

    Communication: Dojo, Email, Zoom, Google Classroom, and phone 352-340-0946. If I am unable to answer, please leave a message with your name and phone number. 


    Learning platforms: Google Classroom (all assignments, dues dates, and updates will be posted there), Myon, Readworks, Social Studies Weekly (digital version on the portal).  

    Weekly check-in (Zoom) meeting with both Mrs. Lulenski and Mrs. Eary 

    Lulenski and Eary Home rooms Zoom Thursday at 10:00 am 


    MrsEary- Math/Science  

    Office hours: 10:00-2:00 (Mrs. Eary will be available for questions and assistance) 

    Communication: Dojo, Email, Zoom, Google Classroom, and phone 352-559-6900 (If I am unable to answer, please send me a Dojo message/email to call you). 


    Learning platforms: Google Classroom (all assignments, dues dates, and updates will be posted there), Dojo, Splash learn, Prodigy, Science Weekly (the digital version on the portal), and Stemscopes 

    Optional Weekly check-in (Zoom) meeting with both Mrs. Lulenski and Mrs. Eary 

    Eary/Lulenski Homeroom- Zoom is Wednesday at 10:00-10:30 am. 


    Frequently asked questions: 

    Will my work be graded?  

    Yes, many of your assignments will be graded and entered in Skyward grade book.  

    Do I have to check in every day?  

    Yes, attendance and participation are required.  

    Under no circumstances will any physical papers be allowed back at school