Until Further Notice, I will be posting information and assignments in Microsoft Teams and in Class Dojo.  Please feel free to DOJO, email, or call me if you need any assistance!  

      Weekly assignments details will be posted in Microsoft Teams. For Math/Science assignment details, sign in to the student desktop then click on Office 365, then choose Microsoft teams and then our class icon. 


    Distance Learning information 

    During the student instructional week,

    •  A minimum of Forty-five minutes of both i-Ready Reading and Math online instruction should be completed, no more than 50 minutes 
    • Students will sign on at 7:45, attendance will be taken at this time. If the student is not signed on, they will be marked absent. If the student arrives after 7:50, they will be marked tardy.  
    • Students will follow a regular school schedule, most of which will require the student to be signed in to the team website.  There will be breaks, lunch, recess, and specials built into the daily schedule. 
    • Special area teacher will provide a web page or teams page for the students to sign on for their weekly assignments

     School Day Schedule 

    Monday- Friday

    7:45 Sign on to student desktop/Microsoft Teams 

    7:50-8:00 Sanford Harmony

    8:00-9:35 Math/Science

    9:35-9:55 Recess

    9:55-10:25 MTSS

    10:25-11:05 Lunch

    11:05-11:25 SS

    11:25-12:15 Specials

    12:15-2:05 ELA


    Mrs. Moreno/ELA Social Studies  


    MrsEary- Math/Science  

    Communication: Dojo, Email, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and phone 352-671-6200 (If I am unable to answer, please send me a Dojo message/email to call you). 


    Learning platforms: Microsoft Teams (all assignments, dues dates, and updates will be posted there)

    Applications: Dojo, Khan Academy, Prodigy, Science Weekly (the digital version on the portal), and Stemscopes 


    Frequently asked questions: 

    Will my work be graded?  

    Yes, many of your assignments will be graded and entered in Skyward grade book.  

    Do I have to check in every day?  

    Yes, attendance and participation are required from 7:45-2:05 daily  

    Unfortunately, we are unable to allow any physical papers to be returned back to the school.