Dear Parent/Guardian,

    Welcome to Physical Education at MOES!  The following information will allow you and your child to understand what is required to have a fun, enjoyable and safe experience in Physical Education.  In order for your child to participate safely in all physical education activities, please ensure your child comes prepared daily by wearing sneakers/athletic type shoes that cover the entire foot area (No open toed or open heeled shoes).  Athletic type shoes provide the most support and protection for your child’s feet.    No flip flops, high heeled dress shoes, penny loafers, boots, crocks, flat ballet type, sandals or shoes that have open toes or heels are allowed as these type of shoes presents a safety concern for all children.

    If a student wears a dress or skirt, then shorts are required underneath so that they can participate in all stretching exercises and physical activity offered in class that day.

    We want your child to be able to participate in all of our fun filled activities and games that will be offered with no clothing or shoe restriction. A written note by parent/guardian to excuse your child due to illness or injury will be accepted and honored for that day. A doctors’ note will be needed for any excuse over three days. Please send us these notes and have the Doctor include when they can come back to Physical Education with no limitations so as to honor your request and to protect your child from returning to activities until they are released by your Doctor.

    We are here to give your children a great experience and to make their own unique mark in Physical Education class!


    1. First Offense: Students will receive a Teacher-Student Conference.
    2. Second Offense: Student Reflection Form completed by student.
    3. Third Offense:   phone call to parent/guardian.                        
    4. Fourth Offense: a phone call home and referral process.


    Immediate referral to Dean’s office. Example Fighting, disrespect, profanity, vandalism, weapons or drug possession.

    Please notify their Physical Education teacher if your child has any medical or physical needs and/or restrictions.


    Please feel free to e-mail us with any concerns or notifications Coach Cozzetto/Coach Moyer