Hi, welcome to English II/Honors and AP Language and Composition

  • I am Mrs. Treherne and I am so very excited to begin this new school year.  This year marks my sixteenth year at Vanguard High School.  Here in Marion County we started using a new textbook and I truly fell in love with this text.  I was very excited as we utilized and explored the text.  The students grew with each new collection during the school year and I marveled at their success.  I spent each week developing tools and strategies to keep the students focused and fascinated in learning material in a content specific course.  I am excited to share with you the tremendous success story I experienced by the end of the school year and am equally as excited to start this new school year.  

    Please look around my webpage.  This web page will include due dates for assignments and other class activities.  From time to time I will upload a photo of my classes working diligently on an assignment or a video of an important presentation.


    Class Schedule

    Period 1 English II

    Period 2 English II

    Period 3 English II Honors

    Period 4 AP Language and Composition

    Period 5 AP Language and Composition

    Period 6 English II