•   Mrs. Thurston's Intensive Reading Syllabus


    Grade 10 Intensive Reading Course Syllabus

    Vanguard High School


    Mrs. Primrose Thurston (2017-2018)                                                                  


    Phone                   (352) 671-4900 ext. 59491

    E-mail:                  primrose.thurston@marion.k12.fl.us

    Office Hours:        Mon. - Fri. / 7:45 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.

    Website:               https://www.marionschools.net/Page/38940


    Course Description

    In this Intensive Reading class, will be concentrating on your reading and writing strengths (and weaknesses) while preparing for the various standardized tests mandated by both the district and state, including the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA). I am looking forward to a very successful year.  I will be available to you for help and support.  You are expected to learn the policies of the class and meet the academic and behavioral requirements as stated.  Organization and preparation are keys to success! 


    Class standards include the following:

    • Reading Literature
    • Reading Informational Text
    • Writing
    • Speaking and Listening



    Include but not limited to: - Impact 4.2. A class set will be provided for you to use during class so there is no need to go out and purchase the books. However, the major focus of your lessons will be CIS and DBQ lessons as well as the reading of high-interest articles and novels in class throughout the year.



    The writing program emphasizes skills necessary for effective communication.  Elements include planning, focus, organization, support, and conventions; style, creativity, individuality, and insightful thinking receive emphasis as well.  These skills help prepare you for the FSA this year and writing for individual purposes. For this reason, students are asked to write a journal entry each day on their daily reading journal sheet.-graded assignment.



    Part of growing as a reader is learning new vocabulary.  Occasionally, you will be given a list of vocabulary words and an accompanying activity in which you will get a chance to apply your knowledge of the newly learned vocabulary words.  You will also be tested on the given vocabulary. 


    Independent Reading:

    Every class student is asked to take their novels to class and in between assignments conduct “independent reading”.  Students are also asked to read this book outside of class and to be prepared to have regular conferences with teacher.  Also, at the end of each grading period, you will be required to do a specific project on one of the books you’ve read during the 9-week time period.  MAJOR PROJECT GRADE!!


    Academic Expectations:

    Class binder:  You are required to obtain a 1” 3 ring binder for class.  This binder will be kept in your reading classroom at all times.


    **Be aware that binder checks may occur at any time!  If you have your binder with you in class, you get an A for binder check.  If your binder is missing for that day, you will get a Zero. 



    Materials needed for class: 

    One 3 ring binder, pens, pencils, loose leaf, highlighters or markers for projects, but it is not necessary to carry these with you each day. 



    Each week students will be assigned an article of the week.  This can be done electronically or via paper and pencil.  The article assigned can always be found on my school website or pickup from the tray in class. You will have an entire week in which to turn this in, so late work will NOT be allowed.


    Quizzes and Tests:

      Quizzes will be given often.  They may or MAY NOT be announced, so be prepared!  Complete all of your classwork on time and you will be ready.   


    Grading Policy:

    The number of grades per report card period will average around 25-30 grades. 

    The weight of each assignment is as follows:


    Classwork ……… …………………………….40%

    Learning checks...........................................…...10%

    Tests, Projects and Presentations……................50%


    Grading Scale:

    A: 90-100  (3.5-4.0)

    B: 80-89    (2.5-3.49)

    C: 70-79    (1.5-2.49)

    D: 60-69    (1.0-1.49)

    F:  59 and below (0.0-.99)


    Late work:  

    If you do not hand in your work the day it is due, you have the opportunity to submit it late with a grade deduction of one letter grade per day it is late. 


    Make-up Work: 

    You are completely responsible for make-up work and tests.  A smart thing to do would be to find a buddy in class to contact if you are absent.  Students present in class during an assignment will not be allowed to make-up that missed assignment. 


    Classroom Procedures and Rules:

    Attendance:  You cannot learn if you are absent, so be here.  If you are absent, take your note to the attendance office for processing.  If students are more than (10) minutes late to class they will be marked absent and must report to Attendance to check-in.  Attendance will give late students a Tardy Pass to return to class.  After the 3rd tardy, students will receive a Disciplinary Referral, and every time thereafter.


    Vanguard High School-wide Tardy Policy: 

    First Tardy: Teacher warning

    Second Tardy: Teacher warning

    Third Tardy: Teacher warning and call home to parents

    Fourth Tardy and beyond: Referral





    Cheating will NOT BE TOLERATED!  The result will be a double grade of “F” for the assignment, an “F” in conduct on the report card, parent contact/conference. GIVERS AND RECEIVERS ARE EQUALLY GUILTY!


    Electronic Devices:

     Marion County Public Schools Code of Conduct stipulates that cell phones are not to be visible or heard during the school day.  Laptops/iPods/iPads/portable gaming systems are not allowed, either.  If these items are seen or heard during class, it will be confiscated and given to the dean.  Your parent/guardian will have to go to the dean’s office to retrieve your electronic device for you.


    Bathroom / Water Fountain Policy:

    Students are instructed to use the bathroom during their break between classes.  However, if a student needs to use the bathroom during class time, permission must be obtained.  Students are permitted only one bathroom break during class. Students are not allowed to use the bathroom during the first 10 minutes or the last 10 minutes of class (10/10 Rule), including when returning from lunch breaks. Students must sign-out /in for bathroom /water fountain breaks and take a VHS Hall-Pass with them. 


    Behavioral Expectations:

    I do not expect behavioral problems from any member of my classes; however, I do consider it appropriate to share my discipline plan with you. 


    1. Policies / Procedures
      1. Display a positive attitude.
      2. Follow directions the first time they are given.
      3. Be in your assigned seat, ready to work, when the tardy bell rings.
      4. Remain in your seat unless you have permission to do otherwise.
      5. Raise your hand and wait to be recognized before speaking out.
      6. Check around your seat or work area and clean up before leaving the classroom for the day.
      7. Keep your hands, feet, objects, and all negative comments to yourself.
      8. Follow school rules, school dress code, and the Student Code of Conduct.
      9. Remember: the bell does not dismiss the class—I do.
    2. Consequences
      1. 1st time – Verbal Warning and/or notation in the gradebook
      2. 2nd time – 2nd Verbal Warning
      3. 3rd time – Verbal warning along with seat change and phone call to home.
      4. 4th time- Online Referral





    Please fill out the next page and return to Mrs. Thurston next class. *To receive a homework grade.  All sections MUST be filled out.