• Bonjour!  Please be aware that as I master new sites I will be updating this information.  Please check often!


                     1. Sign up for  my quizlets are under folksinger - ask to be added to your class. Remember, for levels 1 and 2 there is an Pre-IB and regular class.

                     2. Sign up for 

                     Google.classroom   (I am still learning this one, more information to come)

                     I will invite students to zoom when I have mastered it.

                     ***Levels 1,2 and 4: Please access your online textbook on the marion county portal.  We will be using the quizlet for vocabulary then doing the textbook activities as usual.

                           Let me know by remind or email if you can't access your text.


                1.   Please go to         

                2.   Click on faculty
                3.   Click on Linda Smith
                4.  Click on email