Mrs. Renkel

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B.S. Business Administration M.B.A. M.Ed

Mrs. Renkel

A special note to my students:


YOU must determine in your heart that YOU are going to break through and become all that you were created to be.  I believe in YOU - all of YOU!  There is nobody else like YOU and the world needs YOU! YOU are part of the big puzzle of life - made unique and with purpose!  YOU are priceless and need to make your life count!  At this point in your life, the decision is YOURS! Opportunities are at your door - open the door and accept the challenges.  Make smart choices!  Make getting your education - GRADUATING, your priority!  It is a feeling like no other and it is an obtainable goal!  YOU can do it!  Then you will be ready for the next great adventure in life!


We are meant to work, be productive and live with purpose - so that is what I try to do!  I want my life to be a testimony that NOTHING can keep one from moving onward and upward in life!  I was in my mid-40's before I began my post-secondary education.  Prior to then, I worked hard and gained invaluable life experiences in the corporate business arena.  Learning is a continuous, life-long journey that is packed full of adventure and opportunities.  I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, a Master of Business Administration degree, a Master in Educational Leadership degree, and I am currently in a Doctoral program for Education.  



Students learn quickly that RESPECT is the foundation that I build everything else upon.  We must respect ourselves, show others respect, and learn how to peacefully and productively work through this life together.  Students will learn key technological skills which will help prepare them for college and careers in my classroom as well as very important relationship and communication skills which will help them have a more productive and peaceful life.  



Thank you for visiting!  I look forward to us learning and growing together.


Many blessings!!

S. Renkel