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  • Save the Honey Bees                      Hi Biology Students!

    Well, we did it!  Distance Learning and all, we made it through another year in Biology class.  Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. 


    Although, the biology EOCE was cancelled, I have no doubt that you and your class would have scored higher than ever!


    When we return in the fall things will probably be different but we all will adapt to these changes.  If you have time please stop by and say Hi,  I will be in the same building, same room and I would love to see you.


    In the meantime, have a safe and restful summer and know that I am counting on you to change the world...someday (no pressure) :)


    ps.  Check out the tab "Best Biology Reads Ever" for some summer reading!

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  • Born Novermber 27, 1955HB BN

    Happy Birthday!  Bill Nye

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Welcome to Biology!

  • My name is Ms. Morgan and I am your instructor.  Biology is a required credit for high school graduation and I will help you to achieve this goal.  Remember I am here to guide you to success as we cover relevant and interesting topics that will be tested on the state's end of course exam.  


    Our classroom is a learning environment designed for each biology student to succeed.  Your attendance, engagement and studious behavior is necessary at all times.  Each day we will learn and practice biology concepts in class and online.  Be sure to ask questions, try your best, and let's get busy!


    Contact Information: Phone 671-4900 x59495      Email                                                                        





We are a CAR-PD Classroom

  • What is CAR-PD?


    CAR-PD stands for Content Area Reading - Professional Development. The CAR-PD designation on a course indicates that the instructor is trained to incorporate reading strategies in the daily curriculum of the course. CAR-PD students learn the subject being studied as well as develop additional reading skills that will help improve their FSA Reading scores. CAR-PD strategies are research-based and have been shown to greatly improve student learning and reading ability.


    The State of Florida sets the requirements for placing students in remedial reading classes. Students who have high level 2 reading scores can be eligible for CAR-PD classes (rather than having to take a year of remedial reading). This frees up an elective period in their schedule, enabling students to select an elective of their choice.


    CAR-PD classes do not cover a watered down curriculum and are not "reserved" for students needing reading remediation. CAR-PD simply indicates that the teacher is CAR certified and is able to incorporate reading strategies within the course curriculum. These strategies are good for all students, not just those needing extra help in the area of reading.

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