• IB Contemporary History  

    Course Syllabus


     Mr. Monigan

    William. Monigan@marion.k12.fl.us

     Course Description-

    The title of this course is Contemporary History. Understand this is not a U.S. History course.

    The course is a comparative course which integrates the histories of Canada, Latin America and the United States. The focus is on understanding the social, political, religious, economic, cultural and military aspects of the societies involved. This is a student centered, researched based course. The students will learn how to be historians. The course will focus on the following topics:

     Unit 1- The Great Depression in the Americas

    Unit 2- Authoritarian States (20th Century)

    Unit 3- Causes and Effects of 20th Century Wars

    Unit 4- The Second World War and the Americas 1933-1945

    Unit 5- Political Developments in the U.S. (1945-1980) and Canada (1945-1982)

    Unit 6-The Cold War/The Cold War and the Americas 1945-1981

    Unit 7- Rights and Protest

    Unit 8- Civil Rights and Social Movements in the Americas Post-1945

     Course Objectives:

    The goal of the course is to achieve an awareness and understanding of the countries in the Western Hemisphere. The students will be exposed to common experiences in the Americas through comparative analysis of cultural, political, social, and economic issues. In an effort to encourage international awareness and understanding by promoting the achievement of people living in diverse places and different times. The course will prepare the students for the IB Examination which will be taken in May.The students will take the IB History Exam in order to attain the IB Diploma and possible college credits.

    Note about the IB Examination:

    The Exam is comprised of three sections or “papers”. Paper 1 is a series of short essay questions based on documentary sources (DBQ) within one of the three World “prescribed subjects”. Paper 2 will be two essay questions (choice of fifteen) based on specific 20th Century world history topics. Paper 3 the HL Regional Option will be three essay questions (choice of 24) based on the History of the Americas. This means students will write six essays during the 2 day Exam. Student writing must be fine tuned and taken to the next level. Assessments, evaluations, comparisons, etc. will be emphasized

    Internal Assessment IA:

    Each student will be responsible for a historical IA. The IA for History is a 2,200 word historical investigation. The first write will be due on December 11, 2020 and the final write will be due on February 12, 2021. The topic chosen by the student can be any historical topic from the period covered in this class (from WWI thru Ronald Reagan… 9-11- 2001 can also be covered). Monigan must approve the topic. The IA is 20% of you final grade towards your IB diploma. 

     Student Expectations:

    The most important job you have as a student is to make sure that your portion of the power point is turned into your group leader and presented on time.  Attendance is not an option nor should it even be necessary to mention. You will be in class and ready to begin work when the bell rings. The IB curriculum is ambitious and accomplishable. It is difficult to catch up once you have fallen behind. The class is student centered so be prepared since your classmates rely on your participation. Parent conferences will be called if you are having difficulty with these expectations.


    1. Textbooks
    2. Notebooks for Class Notes and Journal Entries
    3. Writing Materials (Pen, Pencil, Etc.)
    4. Computers or Tablets for Class Research are encouraged
    5. Flash Drives for Class Research Presentations


     Gordon, Irving,           American History

    Berliner, Leppard        History of the Americas

    Textbooks will be used for IB exam study only.  Students will be required to keep a notebook of daily class notes from lectures and used as a reading journal.


    This is a student centered, research based course. Students will learn how to be historians by researching historical documents for their presentations. Students will also learn how to public speak while giving presentations in class.  In-class essays and tests that will consist of fill-ins, ID’s, and assessments.  Essay tests will be based on the IB Examination.

     Grading System:

    This course will use a point grading system. The points are as follows.

    A = 90-100

    B = 80-89

    C = 70-79

    D = 60-69

    F = 00-59

     The course Components will be weighted as follows:

    1. Tests, Essays, Group Individual and Group Presentations = 60

    2. Class and Dailey Assignments, Quizzes = 30%

    3. Homework, Notebook/Journal  = 10%

     Make-up Work:

    Barring unforeseen circumstances, tests must be made up within 3 school days following an absence, otherwise points may be deducted. It is unfair to other students if you miss a test and then expect extra days to study and complete assignments. Tests must be made up before school

    (7:30-8:30). Quizzes must be made up within 3 days of absence or suffer penalty.


    1. We will all have respect for each other.
    2. Be on time sitting when the bell rings.
    3. Have all materials in class.
    4. Only one person will speak at a time.
    5. Students must remain seated unless given permission to do otherwise.
    6. During group work no loud talking will be tolerated.
    7. Please be familiar with the Code of Conduct in the Student Handbook.

                       (All rules in the Code of Conduct will be followed)

    1. Please be familiar with the IB Honor Code.
    2. Tardy Policy: Will follow the policy of the Student Management Handbook
    3. During some individual work days I will allow you to listen to your music on your phone in class. You may also use your phone for academic study purposes, with prior permission. Please no texting or picture taking. Cell phones must not be used during teacher lectures or student presentations. All cell phones must be put away during all tests.
    4. This course requires a full commitment. Students must pledge extra time preparing and reviewing for the Exam in order to achieve success.

     Remember: “For of those whom much is given, much is required.” 

     If you or your parent/guardian want to speak to me, it can be done through my e-mail. Do not call because I do not answer the phone.


     Mr. William Monigan                                              William.monigan@marion.k12.fl.us