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    The Automotive Service Technology classes are designed for students interested in pursuing a career in automotive service. After graduating from high school, the student will enter the career field of automotive service, or seek post-secondary training in the automotive area.  These courses are not "hobby" courses. Time is unavailable for students to install accessories, customize, or detail their own vehicles.  The program is certified by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) and follows very specific curriculum guidelines.  Students will be focusing on NATEF standards and should graduate as entry-level automotive service technicians.

    Note:  Students in the program will need work clothes or a pair of coveralls and their own pair of safety glasses every day. Student earns a 0% for the day if they don’t come prepared with work clothes and safety glasses. 


    Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair

    COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This course is designed as an introductory class for students entering the automotive repair industry. Areas to be covered are: Shop Safety, OSHA, using and handling of hazardous materials, Employee Right to Know information, hand and power tool identification, fastener identification (Metric and American Standard) measuring systems using outside and inside micrometers, dial indicators and calipers. Students will individually complete a hands-on tap and die project, drilling, tapping (thread cutting). In the shop students will learn basic hands on automotive serving (changing fluid and filter) manual transmission and differential lubrication service, tire servicing (rotation, mounting, balance and flat repair) battery service, load testing and charging, repairing basic light circuits, replacing fuel and air filters and more.  

    Safety glasses and work clothing is required daily or student receives a 0%.  (There is a $15 Lab fee.)

    Auto 2, Electrical & Electronics. Prerequisite: Auto1

        A study of fundamental electrical relations and circuits as applied to the automobile. Topics include series, parallel, and series-parallel circuits; magnetism, direct and alternating current fundamentals; battery, charging, and starting, systems. The laboratory component of this course consists of hands-on activities involving theories learned in the classroom. Students use service information, both hard-copy and electronic (CD-ROM-). Testing involves batteries; series, parallel, series-parallel circuits Ohms law and scan tools, also included is charging and starting systems component identification and service. See chapter listing for details. This completes the requirements for NATEF Electrical/Electronics and begins the requirements for NATEF Bakes. The course then provides detailed instruction of the brake system, including disc, drum, and anti-lock systems. Diagnose Troubles codes, ABS computers sensors. See chapter for details These courses prepare student to take and pass the ASE test. 

    Safety glasses and work clothing is required daily or student receives a 0%.  (There is a $15 Lab fee.)              

    Auto.3. Steering/Suspension and Electronic components. Prerequisite.Auto.2

    This course starts with a review of shop procedures and safety.  Detailed information is then provided in steering/suspension systems, including different types of steering, front /rear suspension, and four-wheel alignment procedures.  Electrical topics will include, but not limited to, Scan tools volt meters, and computer fundamentals and sensor service. This course completes the requirements for NATEF steering/Suspension/ NATEF Electrical/Electronic This course will prepare students to take and pass the ASE test.

     Safety glasses and work clothing is required daily or student receives a 0%.

      (There is a $15 Lab fee.)

    Auto 4 Engine Performance & Electronics, PrerequisteAuto.3

    This course starts with a review of shop procedures and safety.  It continues the electronic component with wiring and controls, and concludes the component for NATEF Electrical/Electronics.  Students will receive a great deal of "hands on" experience.  Topics include fuel systems, ignition systems, emission control, computerized operating systems, as well as other areas related to computer controls.  This course will complete the NATEF requirements for Engine Performance. These courses prepare student to take and pass the ASE test.

     Safety glasses and work clothing is required daily or student receives a 0%.  (There is a $15 Lab fee.)






    1.            Dual tang notebook, pen and paper.

    2.            $15.00 fee per course

    3.            Work clothes

    4.            Safety glasses


     Letter grade system.

    .           A =100-90%

                B= 89-80

               C= 79-70%

               D= 69- 60%

               F= 59-0%

    Grade categories

                   50% test

                  40% participation/classwork

                  10% notebook

                   Final Exam 10%

     Teacher is available to help students before school starts in the am.

     Make up assignment policy. Students will have 2 days to make up missed assignments.

    Late assignments policy. Assignments will not be accepted after due date.

    Suspended student policy is the same a MCPS

    Tardy policy.  1st tardy nothing. 2nd tardy student receives a  RTI warning. 3rd tardy referral

    Cell phones are not allowed to be used in class. They must be out of sight turned off.

    Academic dishonesty policy is student receives a 0 % for the activity or test.



    1.  Students will be on time to class.

    2.  You will not alter the class computer software.

    3.  You will ask permission to leave the classroom lab area, including the end of the day.

    4.   Foul language will not be tolerated.

    5.   You will not use lab tools without permission.

    6.   You will notify the instructor of any altered or faulty software, safety equipment,      

           tools or safety conditions.

    7.   Observe all shop safety rules at all times.

    8.   Always use correct tool room procedures.

    9.   Always ask permission before moving a vehicle.

    10. When moving cars around in the shop, they will be pushed, not driven.

    11.  No food or drink is permitted in classroom or shop area.

    12. You cannot park in the automotive area unless given permission and a written work

     13. Only repair work that is relevant to class-lab work will be permitted.

    14. All doors in shop and tool room will be closed and locked before leaving shop area.

    15. Personal radios and tape players will not be allowed in the area.

    16. Students must have permission to use the restroom.

    17. Report any injury to the instructor immediately.

    18. There will be a charge for materials and a disposal of hazardous waste charge, if

          Applicable, for work performed on private vehicles in the lab.  Donations accepted

    19. Appropriate clothing will be worn at all times.  No loose clothing or jewelry.  Only

          approved headgear in the lab.

      20. You will wear safety glasses in the shop area at all times.



    I agree to abide by the above rules and procedures.


    ________________________________________                              _________________

                  Student Signature                                                                                    Date


    ________________________________________                              _________________

                   Parent Signature                                                                                     Date



    My signature above indicates that I have read and understand the above shop rules and procedures.















    Automotive/Transportation Technology Safety Rules & Regulations

    Work in a professional manner.

    Horseplay of any type is forbidden due to safety concerns.

    No student is to leave the immediate assigned area without instructor permission.

    Follow all personal safety procedures including the wearing of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) while in the lab/job site area.

    Wear safety rated eye protection while in the shop/job site area. Wear full faced protection when grinding, welding, and performing other operations where severe hazards are present.

    Wear appropriate respiration protection when necessary (painting, brake repair, etc).

    Wear closed-toe shoes when working in the shop/job site environment.

    Dress appropriately for the task at hand. Do not wear loose clothing (ties/scarves) or jewelry in the shop/job site area.

    Secure long hair behind the neck.

    Always use proper procedures for lifting and moving.

    Never carry sharp tools or parts in your pockets.

    Keep the shop/job site organized and in good working condition.

    Return tools to their proper storage area after each use.

    Report damaged or missing parts to your instructor.

    Clean up all spilled liquids using proper procedures.

    Clean up oil and solvent spillage immediately using proper procedures.

    Do not attempt any repairs you do not understand.

    Always use the right tool for the job.

    Obtain instructor permission prior to using any power tool, lift or other shop/job site equipment.

    Use appropriate safety procedures when working around a running vehicle.

    Practice safe operations when operating any vehicle.

    No student is to enter or sit in any vehicle unless he/she is assigned to that vehicle as a training project.

    Follow proper procedures for the use of any tools/equipment.

    No student is to use or handle any equipment unless his/her proficiency level has been evaluated by the instructor and has the instructor’s permission.

    Use adequate lighting.

    Always follow appropriate lifting equipment procedures and use lift-locks and jack stands.

    Keep guards and shields in place on all power equipment.

    Be aware of all environmental safety concerns.

    Read the Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) prior to using any chemical.

    Always use appropriate ventilation systems when any vapors or exhaust gases are present.

    No smoking or use of open flames in an automotive shop/job site area.

    Think safety.

    Encourage fellow students to work safely to insure a hazard free work area for themselves and others.

    Be aware of what others are doing in your area and how it will affect you.

    Be aware of the location of all emergency shut-off switches, and fire extinguishers.

      Student’s Name: ___________________________________________________

    Course: ___________________________________________________________ 

     School:    __________________________________










     Safety Pledge & Hand/Power Tool & Equipment Use Permit

    Student name--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Student Number--------------------------------------------

    I, the above named student, have read and understand the Automotive/Transportation Technology Safety Rules & Regulations and I fully intend to comply by them. I realize they are for the benefit of all students and the schools welfare and betterment. I understand these regulations are not meant to create undue hardships, but rather to prevent any misunderstanding.

     I, the above named student, understand that I will be operating hand/power tools & equipment as a part of the shop/job site experience in the above named course. I understand that I must have written permission from my parent/guardian to operate any hand/power tool & equipment. It is further understood that I will be given proper instructions, both in the use of the tool & equipment and in the correct safety procedures pertaining to the tool & equipment before being allowed to operate it alone. I understand that I must assume responsibility for following safe practices at all times.

    I, the above named student, understand that any violation of the Automotive/Transportation Technology Safety Rules & Regulations may result in the loss of my privilege to use such tool/equipment.

    Therefore, I hereby subscribe to the following safety pledge.

     I promise to follow all Safety Rules & Regulations for the shop/job site area.

    I promise never to use a machine, hand/power tool & equipment without first having permission from the instructor.

    I will immediately report any accident/injury or safety hazard to the instructor.

    I, the above named student, understand that I will not be permitted to work in the shop/job site area until I have completed all of the safety course materials and have passed the Safety Exam with 100% accuracy.


     ___________________________________________________            ________________________         Age: ______________Date of Birth: ____________               (Student Signature)                                                    (Date)                                                (If over 18 yoa)




    Parental/Guardian Permission:



    I have read and understand the Automotive/Transportation Technology Safety Rules & Regulations and hereby give my permission for the above named student to operate and use hand/power tools & equipment common to the course in which he/she is enrolled. I understand that he/she will receive instruction for proper and safe use of the tool & equipment, and will be warned of its dangers. He/she has pledged that he/she will obey all safety instructions and regulations as stated here or as presented in class.



    I will support the instructor and school administration when penalties are imposed on my child for violation of safety rules and regulations. I will also provide my child with the appropriate dress so that he/she can work safely.


     __________________________________________________     ________________________     


                    (Parent/Guardian Signature)                                       (Date)


     ___________________________________________________     ________________________     


                    (Teacher Signature)                                                       (Date)