• Introduction:

    Welcome to Digital Design. This syllabus is an explanation of what you may expect, and what is expected of you in this course. You are responsible for reading and understanding and following the guidelines set here.


    Course Goals:

    After completing the competencies of this course you will have developed knowledge necessary to create and combine photographs and text into digital publishing and digital imaging. The elements and principles of design will be applied.



    Grades earned in this class are based on completion of projects, meeting the requirements for each, and meeting the due date for each. Late projects will be graded down, but it is important to turn all projects in no matter how late they may be.


    Final grades will be based on the combination of the following categories:

    60% = Projects/Tests 

    30% = Class/Daily Assign./Quizzes  

    10% = Homework 


    A = 90-100

    B = 80-89

    C= 70-79

    D = 60-69

    F = 59 and lower                                                                                                   



    Extra credit will be available only after all regular assignments have been completed.


    Design Project Rubric


    Elements of Design

    D/F = The student did the minimum or artwork was never completed.

    C = The student did the assignment in a satisfactory manner, but lack of planning was evident.

    B = The artwork shows that the student applied the principles discussed adequately.

    A = The artwork shows that the student applied the principles discussed in a unique manner.


    D/F = The piece shows little or no evidence of original thought.

    C = The student's work lacked originality.

    B = The student work demonstrates originality.

    A = The student work demonstrates a unique level of originality.


    D/F = The student did not finish the work in a satisfactory manner

    C = The student finished the project but it lacks finishing touches or could be improved upon with little effort.

    B = The student completed the project in an above average manner, yet more could have been done.

    A = The student gave an effort beyond the requirements of the project.


    D/F = The student showed poor craftsmanship and/or lack of understanding of the tools.

    C = The student showed some craftsmanship and/or understanding of the tools.

    B = The student showed above average craftsmanship and understanding of the tools.

    A = The artwork is outstanding and was finished with a great deal of patience.

    Final Product

    D/F = Incomplete or unfocused final product lacking effective use of technical skills and a connection to the key subject area concepts.

    C = Complete but unfocused final demonstrating either/or: some technical skills or connection to the key subject area concepts.

    B = Original final product demonstrating effective use technical skills and a connection to the key subject area concepts.

    A = Original and creative final product showcasing exceptional use of technical skills and a clear and distinct connection with the key subject area concepts.



    This class will adhere to the attendance policy set by the school and will follow all policies within. Excessive absences are a primary cause of failure.


    Make-Up Work:

    Following any absence, students will have three class periods to complete any work missed. It is the student’s responsibility to find out what work was missed upon returning to school/class. Any work not made up will result in a zero given for that assignment.

    The classroom may be made available before school to make up work or for extra help. This time period must be set up two days prior to the day scheduled.



    Discipline rules will be followed as defined in the student code of conduct.


    Classroom Rules & Policies:

    Materials needed for class daily:

    Pen or pencil for taking notes.

    A digital notebook/folder devoted to this class


    (Staples 4G $6, 8G $8,16G $12)


    Class policies:

    All school rules and consequences apply here.

    No cell phones, I-pods or other electronic devices in class.

    Be prepared to work constantly.

    Be quiet while receiving instruction or taking role.

    Put your full name, date and period on all materials turned in.

    Have a notebook/folder (digital) for this class & keep it updated.

    Respect all tools equipment, supplies, & furniture. Do NOT touch what does not belong

    to you.

    Clean up 5 minutes before the end of class:

    Log off computers

    Check the floor & desk area

    Return all supplies

    No food or drink in the room.

    All class work must be done before any extra credit points will be available.

    Sit in your assigned seats at all times.

    Enter and exit the room in a quiet and orderly manner.


    Teacher Expectations:

    Pass this class.

    Pass certification test.

    Be on time to class.

    Participate in all class activities.

    Do assigned projects and research work.

    Turn in assignments on time.

    Bring all materials needed for class daily.

    Ask questions when in doubt.

    Be on your best behavior at all times.

    Respect everyone in class at all times.

    Respect all materials at all times.

    Return any flash drives left in the computer.