Mrs. Markel

Phone: 352-671-4900 ext: 59493


Degrees and Certifications:

B.S: University of Florida M.Ed. in Science: University of Florida

Mrs. Markel

is currently a biology teacher at Vanguard High School, The finest school in the land.   This is her seventh year teaching at Vanguard; however, she has been teaching in Marion County since 2007.  It was in 2007 that Mrs. Markel earned her Master's Degree in Education with a focus in Biology from the University of Florida.




Hey there.  We haven't met yet; but, I know you are already full of excitement and anticipation.  You are wondering, is Mrs. Markel a funny teacher?  A relaxed teacher?  Is she lenient?  Is she focused? Is she motivated? Is she strict? Does she knuckle down on students?  Let me put your mind at ease, no matter what the rumors are that you may have heard - whether from students who absolutely love me or students who absolutely hate me - to some extent, it is all true.  


Let me explain: We will joke.  We will laugh.  We will get to know each other.  We will be relaxed and friendly.  At the same time, we will respectful to each other.  We will be respectful of the fact that it is necessary to get work done in class.  We will not get out of hand.  We will use our time wisely. We will get our work done.  We will be engaged. 


I will have high expectations.  I will push you to achieve. I will expect you to study and attend class.  I will expect you to be alert and pay attention.  I will expect you to learn.  At the same time, I will have compassion and I will be here to help you when you struggle.  I will be patient with you.  I will have compassion and understanding if life circumstances cause the school work to be put on the back burner for a day or two.  Just, communicate with me.  


Also, when you are working and need help, don't be surprised if my reply to your question is a question.  I want to uncover the source of your confusion. I may ask you to show me your work.  I may ask you to read textbook material. I may ask that you explain what you were thinking as you move from step to step.  I may ask you to generate alternative ways to answer or solve a problem.  If you are confused, my goal is to find where/what caused that confusion and change how you think about the material so that you can answer many different kinds of questions about it and not just the question that is currently stumping you.  Don't be surprised if I ask you to solve additional problems as well. 


Look, this is YOUR education.  Make the most of it. I am here because I know the material that you are trying to learn, I like to teach, and I want to see you succeed.  Please, take a moment to look at the How to Study Science and the Graduation Requirements tabs located on this website.  


I will see you soon.

   - Mrs. Markel (mar-kel)