2020-2021 Syllabus

    Mrs. Kinsler




    Welcome, Freshman! This class marks the first attempt you have to earn one of the four English credits required by the State of Florida for a standard high school diploma.  This year has been designed to reinforce grammar skills, enhance text comprehension, analyze grade level reading for literary value and assess learned skills through performance.  This course will stress the foundational skills needed to be successful not only in this class but all of your English classes to follow. I am so pleased to be facilitating this extremely important course work for you. Have a Great Year!!!!!!!


    Course Description: As stated in the Florida Dept. of Education


    Major Concepts / Content:  The purpose of this course is to provide integrated educational experiences in the language arts strands of reading, writing, listening, viewing, speaking, language and literature.


    The content should include but is not limited to the following:


    • Using the reading process to construct meaning using technical, informative, and imaginative texts
    • Using writing processes for various purposes with attention to style and format
    • Using the research process and individual inquiry to locate, analyze, and evaluate information
    • Using effective listening, speaking, and viewing strategies in informal and formal situations
    • Understanding the power of language as it impacts readers, writers, listeners, viewers, and speakers
    • Understanding and analyzing literary texts
    • Responding critically and aesthetically to literature


    Materials:  The textbook we will use is the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Florida (HMH) Collections Text; and the HMH Florida Collections Close Reader. These books have been supplied electronically.  They can be found on the student desktop under “Course Schedule”.  Once there, just click on the blue hyperlink beside English I and you will be directed to the HMH site.  This site will be used heavily in this course.  It is recommended that each student spend some time familiarizing him/herself with the different resources offered.


    • A 1-inch binder with 3 dividers will also be needed for this class. The one notebook will house the writing exercises in this class, grammar activities as well as any notes from readings.
    • Chromebooks, laptops and iPads are encouraged. Due to number of Chromebooks available onsite and the risk of potential spread of the virus, please allow your student to bring their device to school for English.  We work electronically for most of the time.
    • Be sure to have paper and pens every day. Although, there will be NO paper submissions, students will still need to be able to write.
    • A positive mindset is essential. The payoff will come in the end; as you are prepared to learn, the reward will come in the form of success.


    Important Information

    1. GRADING

    Letter grades on all classroom and homework tasks are determined according to the Marion County Pupil       Progression Plan:

    Letter Grade                                                 Numerical Grade

            A                                                                                    90 - 100

            B                                                                                    80 - 89

            C                                                                                    70 - 79

            D                                                                                    60 - 69

            F                                                                                     0 – 59

    • All unit exams, essays and projects will be averaged together weighted as 50% of the grade.
    • All worksheets / homework assignments are averaged at 10% of the grade.
    • All quizzes (including Bellzingers) are averaged at 40% of the grade.
    • The semester grade is determined according to the following plan:

    Quarter – 45%

    Quarter – 45%

    Semester exams –10%

    Yield = “numerical” semester grade/ average

    Conduct grades are determined by the student's ability to adhere to the rules and regulations outlined in the                     Marion County Code of Conduct.

    Conduct Grade                                            Number of Conduct Infractions

              S                                                                                   0-1

              N                                                                                  2

              U                                                                                  3 or more

    ***Conduct grades are extremely important on the high school level.  It shows your ability to adhere to rules,                 take direction, properly communicate, and operate effectively in a group setting.  The conduct grade is a part                          of your academic record and can be used to determine scholarship opportunities, honors and awards as well                              as college entrance.  Parents:  If your child receives a conduct grade of anything other than an S, there is            a conduct problem.  More times than not, if a student is experiencing difficulty with conduct they are also             suffering academically.




    • Homework and assigned projects will be due on the announced date. Late work will not be accepted (see # 2…)
    • Make up work must be requested within three days after an excused absence, suspension, or other unofficial missed day. Please follow the guidelines stated in the Student / Parent Handbook.





    1. The Student Handbook is the source for regulations and rules for this classroom.
    2. Respect yourself and all others.
    3. There is a zero-tolerance rule in place for profanity. The use of profanity will result in an automatic referral.
    4. Students are expected to bring the following items with them, daily:
      1. A positive attitude
      2. Pen / Ballpoint (dark color)
    • Student Binder with standard notebook paper
    1. No food, snacks, gum or drinks are permitted in the classroom.
    2. No hats or other headgear is allowed to be wore in the classroom.
    3. Cellphone use is allowed in classroom when authorized.
    4. You are considered tardy if you are not in your seat when the tardy bell rings.
      1. First tardy: Verbal warning
      2. Second tardy: Verbal warning / Parent Contact
    • Third tardy /a tardy referral will be sent to the dean for assigned detention.


      1. If a student needs to discuss anything with me and it cannot be accomplished during class time, the student must make an appointment to conference either live-person or via Zoom.
      2. If a parent needs to confer with me to discuss student progress, I am available during normal duty hours 7:30 – 3:15 daily. Please contact the school’s Guidance office for an appointment at 671-4900.


      1. This year we will utilize Microsoft teams to communicate assignments, class discussions and more. It is recommended that you and your student download the App to the devices your student my use to work.
    2. MCPS Online
      1. There are no differences in policy and/or procedure for the MCPS student. Students are expected to attend class on-time daily and participate for the entire class period.  Please make sure to adhere to all Marion County, Vanguard and classroom rules while in class.  This includes but is not limited to attendance, dress code and tardiness.



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