• HOPE and Weights


    Number of credits:  One credit (1)


    Daily materials:  Text book, paper, pen or pencils, journal (composition notebook or spiral           notebook)

    Grading policy:  45% test and quizzes, 45% class work, 10% homework. This course will use a point grade system. The points will be equal to the following letter grade:


    A = 90-100

    B = 80-89

    C = 70-79

    D = 60-69

    F = <60

    Make-up/late work:  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to ask for work. Any late work will be graded 10 points off each day.


    Behavioral expectations:  All students have a right to learn in a comfortable atmosphere. In this classroom common courtesy and respect should be given not only to the teachers but to fellow students. I expect my students will be: prompt, prepared, polite and positive. I will go over all policies and procedures with students in class.



    Policies and Procedures

    • Only one person to be out of the classroom at a time (bathroom breaks etc.) No exceptions. No bathroom breaks 10 min. after or before the bell. Don’t ask to go to the restroom while I am teaching or we are reading aloud. Just don’t get out of your seats during those times.
    • Cell phones are not allowed I should not see them or hear them or will be confiscated for the remaining of period, this includes phone chargers.
    • No sleeping or laying head on desk I expect everyone to participate in class.
    • No food or drinks other than water. Also gum chewing should not be seen or heard.
    • Everyone must be in their seats at tardy bell. On the third tardy a parent will be contacted. Forth tardy you will be sent to the discipline office.
    • Respect…. Respect… Respect (no cursing, arguing, yelling, with your teacher or peers).
    • Of course hands are to be kept to yourself at all times. (Personal space)
    • No prejudice or discrimination of any kind will be tolerated.
    • No talking while the teacher is talking and always raise your hand and be polite.
    • No bullying (Bullying is an act of repeated aggressive behavior in order to intentionally hurt another person, physically or mentally. Bullying is characterized by an individual behaving in a certain way to gain power over another person).
    • Severely disruptive behavior such as repeated disruptions, fighting, cursing, physical assault, or verbal abuse of the teacher will result in immediate referral to the assistant principal or school security officer.
    • Fire drill and code red violations will result in a referral.