Welcome PLATO students!!

    While you are working from home, I will be your contact for PLATO questions, concerns and needs.  Your counselor provides me with the class(es)/credit(s) you need to recover. I place you in the class(es) you need in the PLATO on-line program, monitor your progress, and send your grade report(s) to your counselor in order to get your credit recovered.

    Please review the below procedures you will need to follow for PLATO from HOME.  They are few - we want you to be successful!

    You will be able to work on your PLATO class anytime between 7:30 am and 3:30 pm on Monday through Friday.  Make every effort to log in and work on your PLATO class at least once a day. As long as you have access to the internet you can work on your PLATO classes!


    Website:  https://login.edmentum.com/     

    Account Login:  tsbomc

    User Name:  your first name your last name       (johnsmith)

    Password:  your six digit student number/lunch number  (254658)


    Once you are in the program – you can access your class.

    1. Start with the first Pre-Test 

    2. Complete the tutorials contained in each module.  Take notes!  You can use these on any of the tests.  Complete any practice or applications if applicable.

    3.  Complete the Mastery Test (80% or better is your goal)

    4. Once you have completed all modules in a unit, email me to open the Post Test – take the post test then move on to the next unit.

    5. After you have completed all modules and Post Tests, email me to open your End of Semester Test.

    6. Email me when you have completed your End of Semester Test. 

                If your completed class grade is a 70% or better I will send your grade report to your counselor and put you in the next class you need.

                If your completed class grade is below 70%  I will reset certain modules for you to re-do to achieve the needed 80% or above mastery score and to raise your class grade to the                            desired 70% or better.  You cannot receive the credit if your completed class grade is lower than a 70%.


    For those of you familiar with PLATO, the requirement to turn in three pages upon completion of your class has been WAIVED, although I encourage you to take notes while you are working through your tutorials. 


    Remember - once you have taken the Pre-Tests for each unit - if there an "e" beside a module it means your pre-test score was high enough in that particular subject area to exempt that module.  Meaning??  If a module has an "e" beside it - you don't have to do it !!


    If you need something reset or unlocked - email me  pamela.foster@marion.k12.fl.us

    If you complete a class - email me  pamela.foster@marion.k12.fl.us

    If you have any questions, problems, concerns.....  - email me  pamela.foster@marion.k12.fl.us




    Good luck with your classes - work hard!! - I look forward to your emails 

    Take care of yourselves and stay well !!!!!