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Beth Davis

Who is Beth Davis? She was born in the small Irish working class town of Newport, RI. Her parents, Jack a naval officer and Patsy a baby making machine, often forgot about Beth the middle child of eight. She was left to play by herself in the corners of her mind.  Beth traveled the country with her family, going from port to port, with each port a new member of the family arrived. When Beth was ten, she and her family moved back to Newport, as her father took command of a naval destroyer, there she stayed until graduating from University of R.I. with a degree in history, she headed south and landed in Atlanta.  Beth worked as a server/bartender at a local steak restaurant whilst trying her hand at stand-up and improv comedy. After a couple of years and no calls from Hollywood, she entered the wild world of advertising. Her duties ranged from print ads to producing radio spots.  During her 14 oceanless years, Beth felt a void, as if something was missing and she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. The idea of teaching high school history had always lingered in her thoughts but with a degree only in history, she thought it was a pipe dream.  With the crash of the economy, there was little work in the marketing realm, the dream of teaching was getting closer to reality.  

Beth grew tired of big city living, crime in Atlanta was increasing at a rapid rate, she was ready for a simpler life.  The appeal of being closer to the ocean and living in a nice small town community, she relocated to Ocala, Fl.  Call it being in the right place at the right time, Beth’s next door neighbor was outside manicuring her lawn with a fine tooth comb, and told her of a job at the “Finest School in all the Land” Vanguard.  Beth applied, interviewed and the administration threw caution to the wind and hired Beth in her first teaching job.

Beth was nervous but very excited to start on her new path. She believed in a positive classroom environment, lifting the students up and filling them with the confidence to succeed. The first few years were both exciting and scary, but with the help of the talented team oriented staff, she has grown in her field.  Beth understood from the first day that she needed to reach out to other teachers, administration, clerks to the cafeteria staff, to aid on her newest journey. She believes in community and thrives within a team oriented environment. From reading teachers to coaches Beth reached out for help in learning not only her new trade but how to enhance her classroom.  Beth loves working with the students and brings a positive environment to the classroom, hallways, really everywhere within the Vanguard community. She became active in the Vanguard community, selling tickets to various sporting events, chaperoning dances, sponsoring several student clubs (student government (10th), Model UN and Anime),  and even doing stand-up shows at the end of year FFA banquet and student talent show.  Beth has truly loved growing not only in her field but also within the Vanguard community. Beth made some mistakes and had some successes, she is eager to continue in the education field.

Beth is currently in her “tenth” official year of teaching. She continues to be active in the Vanguard community.