Students:  Please be aware that to make sure I get your work, it needs to be sent on the Vanguard student email account.  If you have sent me work and the grade is not in, it means it went to my spam folder and the computer will not release those emails to me because they are coming from personal sites that may have viruses;  I alos have no way of knowing who sent the items I cannot open, as no name is in the body of the spam;  If you do not see a paper that you sent to me graded, it means I did not get it and you need to resend it at the Vanguard website.  If I am grading your papers, it means I am getting them and able to open them, so you may continue to do that;  however, if you have sent me work and it is not graded, please try to resend it.  I grade work daily, so it is not a case of being behind in grading.



    Also, please note that beginning next Monday, (4/27), the county is requiring us to put zereos in for any work that has been due for a week;  so, next Monday, any undone work for Chapter 14 only, will be entered as a zero, which will greatly affect many of your grades.  Chapter 15 is not due until May 1st, so zeroes will go in for undone work in that chapter on May 8th.  Please catch up on Chapter 14 and start to work on Chapter 15 to save your grades.


    Thank you for your efforts. 

    Mr. Cherry

William M. Cherry - Environmental Science 2019-2020


  • Mr. Cherry and Rascal                

    Welcome to Environmental Science  for the 2019-2020 and  school year.  This is a required course for graduation from High School.  Your child will be given a syllabus that explains the details for the course and the items your students will need for my class.  I ask that the students be present in class and on time to school and follow the school rules and my classroom rules for behavior.  I give chapter guides for each chapter that explain to the student what they need to do to achieve success in this class.  It is not a difficult class, but rules must be followed for a good school year.  

    Please contact me at Vanguard High if there are questions, or contact me through the school's e-mail system (my e-mail is William.Cherry@marion.k12.fl.us) if you have questions or concerns.  Please make sure you sign up in the guidance office for access to parent/student portal so you can track your student's grades at anytime in the year.  If there is a discrepancy, please contact me and we will sort it out.  Again, welcome to Vanguard High and my Science class.  Let's have a successful year!


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