• Access Health Opportunities through Physcial Education H.O.P.E. (Outdoor Education) (Team Sports 1) (Recreational Activities)  Course # 7915015

    The purpose of this course is to develop and enhance healthy behaviors that influence lifestyle choices and student health and fitness. Students will realize the full benefit of this course when it is taught with an intergrated approach. In addition to the physical education content represented in the benchmarks below, specific health educatin topics within this course include, but not limited to: Mental/Social Health, Physcial Activity, Components of Physical Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness Planning, Diseases and Disorders, Health Advocacy, First Aid/CPR, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Prevention, Human Sexuality including Abstinence and HIV, Internet Safety.

    Career Experiences (CBVT) (Transition Planning)  Course # 7980120

    This course provides opportunities for application of the knowledge and skills in school or community work experience situations with supervision and instructional assistance. Non-Paid Community Based Vocational Training program are implemented through this course. 





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